Malaysian On Fire After Rosmah Spent RM86.4 Million – To Rent Private Jets!

Many complained that such money could have been placed in better use, especially in sponsoring students in the form of scholarships. Rafizi claimed that the fund could have been used to support 1,920 university students, or as MARA loans of RM20,000 each, covering 4,320 bumiputera students.

Based on an article on World of Buzz, the jet-renting service charges USD$15,000 per hour (about RM60,000) – that means the RM86.4 million was spent to charter the plane for 2 months (1,440 hours).

That’s about the yearly salary for an average Malaysian, vanishing every hour! Obviously, for such a enormous rate, the private jet rented is as luxurious as anyone can think of. Just check out the images otained:

estimated-rm86-4m-spent-to-charter-private-jet-better-spent-on-scholarships-world-of-buzz-3.jpg estimated-rm86-4m-spent-to-charter-private-jet-better-spent-on-scholarships-world-of-buzz-4.jpg

In the midst of the expose, some netizens have highlighted a Bernama report dated March 16, 2015, saying “JPA said, in addition to the ACJ319 and ACJ320, the government executive aircraft fleet included smaller plans namely the Falcon acquired in 1989 and the Global Express in 2001.”

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Rafizi pointed out to MalaysiaKini that, “Even if she took a first-class flight, I’m sure it would be much cheaper than renting a whole private jet”.



  1. Lim S.Y

    March 16, 2018 at 22:18

    Wonder why this aircraft never ditch

  2. Lim S.Y

    June 24, 2018 at 23:34


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