Malaysian Girl Spotted Pervert Recording Her While She Was Using The Toilet In Bangsar Cafe – Let's Viral This Video For Authorities To Manhunt This Perverts

The user told WOB that the victim was using the toilet at Driploft, Bangsar when she realized that there was a hole in the back of the toilet wall. A while later, she actually caught a man recording her using his mobile phone while she was using the toilet. Revealing the disturbing story on Instagram, the user said,

“A friend of mine who was at Driploft, Bangsar was using one of the toilets there. When she went into the toilet, she noticed a big square hole in the back of the (toilet) wall. “She was in the toilet when she noticed that a dude was videotaping her with his handphone.”
Image for illustration purposes only | Source: 123RF  Unfortunately, the victim didn’t manage to catch the pervert but she didn’t back down as she was determined to catch him. The netizen continued,
“She has been trying to get the word around in order to catch the pervert and prevent other ladies from suffering the same fate.”
A video and a picture of the pervert were then shared via the user’s IG story in order to warn fellow Malaysians about the creep lurking in the toilet. Source: WOB It remains uncertain whether the victim has lodged a police report about this issue, but the netizen has since urged the public to file a report if they ever see the man. With that being said, ladies be extra careful when you’re in public places and be aware of your surroundings! Always lodge a police report when you encounter such situations, so that the authorities can catch these despicable perverts! Stay safe! Watch the short clip below! [video width="640" height="1130" mp4=""][/video]   (Source: WOB)

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1 Comment

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