Malaysian Girls Beware : Video Showing Men Caught Looking Under Toilet Door While Woman Was Inside

A Peeping Tom was caught red-handed while he tried to look under a toilet cubicle door at a woman using the toilet.

The victim from Thailand shared on Facebook how she managed to capture a video of the pervert in the act and warned other women to be careful when using public bathrooms.

The woman was apparently at a petrol station toilet and noticed that the gap between the door and the floor was fairly large. So, she took out her phone and wanted to use her camera to gauge what could be seen from that angle.

However, just as she had started recording the video, the pervert walked into the toilet, squatted down right outside the cubicle and peered through the gap.

The video managed to capture the pervert’s face before he immediately got up to flee after seeing that he had been caught in the act.

The woman then had to call a male friend to come get her as she was afraid that the pervert was still outside waiting for her.

“I was shaking and the gas station was a quiet one. I didn’t want to go out just yet because he might be waiting for me as he saw that I took a video,” she said in Thai.

“I called a male friend to come to pick me up. I thought if I had come alone, he could rape me then kill me afterward.”

“There was an employee cleaning the bathroom entrance, I don’t know how he came in unnoticed. How insane would you have to be in order to want to see someone using the toilet?”

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“Being a woman is so dangerous sometimes. The Police are now tracking down the person in the video.”

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