Malaysian High School Couple Wearing Uniform and KISSING in the School ?

12212536_10207680814959643_1961152047_n-400x382 Many say that the new generation of kids will pave the way to a brighter tomorrow. They say that the only way forward is to believe in our youngsters and trust that they will bring with them, a wave of revolution, making Malaysia a better place, if not, the best.  

年纪轻轻,就已经会求婚了! Posted by MerianoGenzai on Tuesday, November 3, 2015
I for one, however, do not believe in that statement. Bullying cases have never been higher. More and more cases of bullying emerge on social media and newspapers. Every two days, a new video of a bullying incident surfaces on social media. Kids believe that bullying helps them look stronger. Thousand upon thousands of kids suffer from bullying every single day. Anyone who has ever seen these bullying videos will understand the dim hope I have for the future generation. However, that dim hope will lose less of its glow when read on. A 15 second long video recently went viral on social media showing a high-school student professing his love to his girlfriend in the middle of the school’s field while surrounded by dozens of other students cheering him on. The video shows the boy kneeling on the grass with flowers and a gift box of sorts in his hand and his “girlfriend” runs out of the school building and runs into his arms, slapping him with a big wet kiss on the lips before their friends cheered on even harder. Since the video went viral, The Deputy Minister for the Ministry of Education, Kamarana, announced that The Ministry Of Education will be conducting an investigation into the video. “I have never seen the video until someone showed it to me. I think it’s sad to watch and that investigations should be carried out to locate the school, the students in the video, and to counsel them properly. Schools are a place of education, a safe haven for those who wish to seek out knowledge and learn. Not dating grounds.” He told the media. He goes on to add that the location of the school is yet to be confirmed and urges anyone who knows the two lovebirds in the video to come forward and report to the Ministry Of Education. It is important to extinguish a problem before it escalates. We are grooming the leaders of tomorrow and we can’t afford to have our kids use the schools as dating grounds. This has to be stopped and nipped in the bud before it becomes a new trend to profess your love to your girlfriend in the middle of the school field while being surrounded by your friends. Kamarana stated that incidents like this happen partly because of the influence of television and movies these days that are filled with fantasies of love and a happily ever after. He adds that parents should be strict in filtering TV shows and movies for their children, as they can be very strong influences. These are influences that they shouldn’t be getting at their age. He also adds that teachers, as educators and mentors should serve as a guiding light, and that they are partly responsible for the incident as well. This video since gone viral with over 210, 000 views since it first surfaced on social media.

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