Malaysian Man Cuts RM21,120 LV Bag Open In KLCC Store : Staff Mistreated Him Because Thinking He Is A Poor Man Wearing Slippers

Apparently, the staff looked at him as if he’s a poor man, which prompted Zainal to say, “You can’t treat me and my friend like monkeys.”

Zainal was angered by the staff’s attitude so he requested for a pair of scissors and started cutting the Louis Vuitton bag right in front of the worker.

“They think their LV bags are greater than our dignity,” he added.

A man who was irked by the treatment of the staff at a luxury boutique in Kuala Lumpur retaliated by cutting up his own bag in front of them. Sinar Harian reported that Zainal Abidin Awang cut his luxury bag in front of the employees as his friend Ismail Ariffin Lepat recorded the act.

The video, which was shared on Facebook by Ismail, garnered 2,310 shares and 976,000 views by Friday (March 1) after it was posted last Monday (Feb 25).

According to the report, Zainal was disappointed that he was mistreated by the employees. He claimed he had gone to the luxury boutique to emboss his name on his newly purchased bag.

However, his request was denied at the luxury boutique, and an angry Zainal then proceeded to attack his bag in front of them. The report claimed that the two men had walked into the store with Ismail wearing his hair long and Zainal in slippers.

“I’m sorry but but I cannot take it when my friend and our race is being insulted in our own homeland,” Zainal said.

The report added that Zainal also uploaded the picture of a limited edition green duffle bag of the luxury brand worth RM21,120 which he also had on him when he visited the store.

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  1. Mark Julius Kettlety

    March 1, 2019 at 18:42

    The one he cut was a fake from the streets of Shenzhen China and hence the LV store does not want to emboss on it.

  2. Paragone Accenture

    March 1, 2019 at 18:47

    This is what we call stupidity at its prime. Suddenly got rich and with money from dubious sources to show off.
    I am very impressed with the sales people in LV as they are very well educated, from good family stock, from best universities in the world. Go and talk to them and you will know.
    Let this handbag cutter bring out his qualifications and compare

  3. Lv loves

    March 1, 2019 at 18:58

    Do not exaggerate… That bag is less than 5k

  4. Banditto Jurgen

    March 2, 2019 at 06:07

    …………and those “inferior race” whom are filthy rich now STILL demands NEP to be implemented forever……..
    Malaya is a Hindi word, how come it has become YOUR homeland in the first place? LOL, awfully SHAMELESS !

  5. Carmon Khaw

    March 2, 2019 at 15:22

    Out of curiosity, went to LV this afternoon. LV confirmed it is fake from some Chinese market and hence the refusal to embossed it.
    They look forward for this person to take legal action on them.
    They don’t understand when he meant by own race insulted in own country, neither do I

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