Malaysian Man Dropped 12 Inches Off His Waistline In 15 Months Inspires Netizens To Work Out – 3 Hours A Day To Burn Off The Stubborn Fat For His Six-Pack

“Transformation in 15 months, is it significant enough?” Source: Moretify You may be asking, how did he manage to pull it off in such a short time? The answer is DISCIPLINE. Skyjin has been hitting the gym relentlessly six days a week and three hours a day to burn off the stubborn fat for his six-pack to be more prominent. Source: Facebook While most people would give up in the first few months, Skyjin pulled through as he was committed to losing the extra weight and packing on slabs of rock-solid muscle. No matter how tired he was, he would always drag his butt to the gym. Hey, no pain no gain right? Source: Facebook Hard work in the gym is not the only way to lose stubborn fat and build muscles, Skyjin has to also eat clean and practice self-control. Which is why most of his meals are high in protein and super low in carbs and fats. Source: Facebook Source: Facebook Source: Facebook Skyjin’s main source of protein is from chicken breast, and despite not looking as delicious as McDonald’s double cheeseburger, look at his ripped muscles!

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Source: Facebook Source: Facebook Source: Facebook He even cut out rice from his diet and switched to complex carbs such as oats to refuel his body since it keeps him fuller for longer. Look at the number of packets of oats he shops for! Source: Facebook Aside from that, Skyjin also indulges in sugar-free black coffee, which helps boost his metabolism and get him through the day. Skyjin maintained a strong willpower even when he eats out at restaurants. He consciously chooses his food to fit his protein and calorie intake, in order words he goes heavy on meat! How nice, I wanna eat lots of meat too! Source: Moretify Source: Facebook Of course, eating tons of meat at restaurants can burn a hole in one’s wallet. So, he prepares his breakfast at home and brings it to work, this practice helps him save a couple of bucks while avoiding unwanted temptations like nasi lemak and roti canai. Skyjin’s pants size reportedly dropped from 48 to 36 inches! Source: Facebook Besides that, he even took part in a bodybuilding competition as well! Way to go Skyjin! Source: Facebook His incredible transformation journey is inspiring and motivating to others, and he has proven that it is possible to get in shape no matter your size, look at Skyjin then and now! It only depends on your willpower and discipline. Source: Moretify So get off your lazy butt and get into shape now! Share your thoughts on this! (Source: Moretify / WOB)



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    Which is before and which is after photo. Don’t be coyed

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    Is CBD oil sold in Malaysia? (YES) WASAP(+)601117227296

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