Shocking : Malaysian Man Shared How Black Magic Used To Bring Down His Business & Almost Killed His Wife – Many People In Malaysia Using Black Magic As A Way To Take Revenge

Source: Facebook Sadikin’s business began to plummet leaving him with only coins. He continued,

“I sold off my Evo and RX2. My Subaru and Grand Livina were confiscated just a week apart. The Subaru was confiscated at Kuantan hospital and the Grand Livina was at Hospital Selayang. Both when I was visiting my wife at the hospital.”
Source: Facebook When his car was being towed off, a kind Samaritan offered him a RM100 note to help him get by. Source: Facebook Source: Facebook Source: Facebook Source: Facebook Because of the black magic, all of Sadikin’s friends and his in-laws hated him. Only his children are by his side to look after his sick wife. It is learned that when doctors at KMC told Sadikin his wife’s treatment would cost RM20,000, he went out to take a breather and ponder on how can he collect such a large amount of money. Source: Facebook At a nearby mamak, Sadikin saw an elderly couple and he decided to pay for their bill on the goodwill of his heart. When the man came by to thank him, he asked why does Sadikin look so sad.
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“I told him what happened with my wife, and he asked to look at a photo. After looking at the phone he told me that there is something ‘disturbing’ at home.”
The man’s wife suggested that her husband follow Sadikin home to dispose of all the hex bags, he agreed. Sadikin then brought the man to his shop first and to their shock, they dug up spell sachets around the shop. Funny thing is, the elderly couple and Sadikin are strangers, but they’ve helped him greatly. Apparently, the elderly man is a religious teacher at a school in Kelantan. Needles wrapped in tissue were found in both corners of the shop, one is to ruin the relationship he has with his in-laws and the one in the left corner of his shop is aimed to bring down his business. A slow loris’ bone with needles pierced through is to either kill Sadikin or his wife. Source: Facebook Source: Facebook When they removed those spell sachets, his wife regains her appetite and started eating again.
“I got back my RX2 and I only have this one car. One of my friends used to help me when I had nothing, he gave me a call and offered to lend me his car. My relationship with my in-laws has been mended. I remember everything.”
According to Sadikin, this was just a simplified version of his ordeal. It is too painful to speak of the entire experience. We’re glad Sadikin’s wife recovered from the unexplained pains she was feeling. There are far too many people in Malaysia using black magic as a way to take revenge or to inflict harm to someone they’re jealous of. Instead of being jealous and taking revenge, be the better person and improve yourself! What are your thoughts on this? Share them with us in the comment section below. (Source: Facebook)

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  1. R.Pathmanathan

    September 21, 2018 at 15:36

    Black magic is a science. It is a method to utilizing negative energies to harm another person. The dark/negative energy can be utilised to kill someone, to break a family apart, to destroy someone’s business or profession and also chase someone from a house. The art of black magic of each community may appear different externally but the basic principles are the same. Only a person with strong spiritual energy could withstand the force of black magic. Otherwise a victim of a black magic need the services of either another black magician or white magician to remove the spell. By certain esoteric practice which is within every religion, we could build our defence to prevent black magic from harming us. This is basically a very brief write up.

  2. Muhizra Jasin

    September 21, 2018 at 22:43

    Many Malays still practice black magic or sihir to make others suffer. Out of jealousy, unfriendly neighbors, stiff competition for promotion etc are the reasons. Even though it is haram in Islam, still there are people resorting to this evil. SANTAU is perhaps the most popular of the heinous acts.

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    May 2, 2020 at 04:07

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  4. Pesark

    May 2, 2020 at 04:09

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