Malaysian Men In Coma After Car Accident, Wakes Up & Discovers He Won RM 23 Million Sports Toto Lottery

What initially seemed to be a stroke of bad luck for 29-year-old factory worker, Tuah, turned out to be the exact opposite when he won a fortune worth RM23,068,643 after being comatose.

According to Utusan Borneo, Tuah was involved in a tragic road accident last year when his car collided with a lorry. His condition was so critical, he ended up in a coma for two months.

Even though Tuah eventually managed to wake up, his life didn’t get much better after the accident. “I was unemployed and only got a job as a factory worker recently. But I had to quit my job due to health complications.”

Before the accident, Tuah admitted that he had been betting with Sports Toto for eight years with no luck. But on 12th January, he struck a gold mine with his lucky number set: 7, 12,31,41, 47 and 49. Tuah could hardly believe this drastic turn of events!

“I believe God has blessed me so I can survive amidst these difficulties”, said the thankful winner when he went to the Sports Toto headquarters to collect his prize money with his brother.

When asked how he would spend this new fortune, Tuan said:

“I will settle all my debts and buy a house. My mother can also finally quit her job and enjoy life.”

Source : Utusan Borneo

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