Malaysian Mother Lodges Police Report On Daughter's Boyfriend For Having Sex With Her Daughter - The Coverage

Malaysian Mother Lodges Police Report On Daughter’s Boyfriend For Having Sex With Her Daughter

With the advancement of technology, it’s so easy to make friends on social media nowadays, but still, you have to be careful because there are many people will ill intention out there!

However, this 14-year-old from Sibu, Sarawak didn’t heed this advice and fell prey to a young man around 20 years old that she just met six months ago on Facebook.

Source: TNN

According to Sinchew, the two started chatting on Facebook and soon, they became so close that they decided to start dating online although they have not met each other in real life.

It is learned that the couple had arranged to meet up for the first time on September 26.

On their first meeting, everything must have gone smoothly because both of them decided to have consensual sexual relations from about 3 pm to 4 pm that day.

Source: Storyblocks

After that encounter, the girl’s 56-year-old mother discovered that her teenage daughter was behaving weirdly and questioned her to find out what was the cause.

The girl, who was still in Form 2, finally told her mother and said that she had a boyfriend and that they had already become intimate. Shocked by this revelation, the mother was worried that the guy only wanted to take advantage of her young daughter.

Her mother then decided to contact the guy and brought a few family members along to have a discussion with him at his place. In the beginning, the guys promised that he would take responsibility for seducing the teenage girl, which pacified the girl’s family members.

However, when the girl’s family decided to go over to the guy’s house on October 9 for a second visit, the guy’s family members informed them that he had gone outstation for work.

Hearing this, the girl’s family was furious that he had fled without informing them and decided to lodge a police report against the guy.

Sibu deputy district police chief, Superintendent Martin Koo said that the police are now tracking the suspect to assist with investigations for statutory rape under Section 376 (1). The teen was brought to Sibu Hospital for a medical check-up.

Be careful of who you meet online, don’t be so trusting online with people you barely know. Stay safe, guys!

(Source: WOB / Sinchew)



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