Malaysian Petition To Terminate All Diorlynn Ong’s Social Media Account Permanently

Throughout the few days, it was believed that social media users have been exposed to the conflict issue between Malaysian DJ Leng Yein and Malaysian Influencer Diorlynn Ong. This petition takes its stand in support to Leng Yein & her Husband, Khen Chua who have been experiencing continuous harassment and cyberbullying from Diorlynn Ong resulting from a breakup relationship in the past between Diorlynn Ong and Khen Chua.

As rational, ethical & responsible social media users, we should not be allowing such harassment and cyberbullying actions to continue on social media that causes inconvenience to Leng Yein & her husband in their daily life. The clarification video of Khen Chua on 8 February 2021 has clearly debunk all the inaccurate and false accusations made by Diorlynn Ong’s clarification video on 7 February 2021, the rationality and reasonability of the truth now has shift more towards Leng Yein & her husband.

Leng Yein & her husband has always wanted put an end to this issue, Now, you can put an end to this issue by signing and sharing this petition to urge Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to permanently terminate all social media accounts associated to Diorlynn Ong, thank you !

Petition Link – Change.ORG

Khen Chua Revealed About Diorlynn Ong Shocking Behaviour Whenever She Is High On Alcohol & Caught Spent A Night With Another Men In Hotel

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