Malaysian Pretty Girl Suffer With BF When He Had Nothing – Now He’s Rich & Successful

According to Viral Cham, a couple in Malaysia has been making waves online for their sweet love story, with the spotlight on the girl’s devotion to her partner.


In the beginning, Jayden had no savings and neither did he own a car. He also had to take the bus to go to work every morning.


However, Tiffany accompanied him and stayed by his side. She never thought about breaking up. Instead, she went through blood, sweat and tears together with Jayden.

Along the way, she constantly encouraged and supported him. With Tiffany being a pillar of strength for him, the hardworking guy finally managed to earn enough money to give her the life she deserved.

The couple were together for three years before Jayden proposed to Tiffany by the seaside in Pudu, Kuala Lumpur on May 22, 2014. In March this year, they took their wedding photos in Taiwan.


The couple frequently posts pictures of their blissful family on Facebook, expressing their affection and gratitude towards each other.

In one post, Jayden wrote: “When I was at the lowest point of my life, when I needed support and motivation the most, you were with me, suffering with me. I promise, I will give my best to you. Love you, my darling!”


They now own a phone shop and appear to be living comfortably, being able to afford luxury brand items such as Burberry and Polo Ralph Lauren.

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Pic Source : Viral Cham

Pic Source : Viral Cham

Pic Source : Viral Cham

Pic Source : Viral Cham

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