Malaysian Reveals How She Was Offered A Job : Boss May “Casually Touch Here & There” For RM 5000 – RM 7000 Salary – Extra Bonus if Wear Mini Skirt

Recently, a Twitter user shared the experience of someone coming face to face with blatant sexual harassment in the workspace.

The worst part was that the person hadn’t even started working for the company yet.

According to the tweets, after applying for the position of personal secretary to the director of a company, the applicant received an email detailing her “job description”.

The obviously corrupt work culture of the company was further highlighted by the fact that the HR department labelled the director who regularly sexually harasses his personal secretary as being an “open-minded person”.

Apparently, the company has been doing this for several years now.

A Facebook user shared the horror her friend had to go through when she applied for a job in Kuala Lumpur. The role she applied for is Personal Secretary and here’s what went down.

The job that the poor woman applied for paid very well because it has a basic income of RM5,000-RM7,000, and they also offer RM500 worth of allowance.

“We have received your resume for (the job of) Personal Secretary. I would like to inform you that our Director is an open-minded person.

He may casually touch you here and there. Are you okay to be his secretary?

If you’re okay (with it), I will process your resume further.”

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