Malaysian Student Pays RM12,000 Deposit to Find 'Sugar Daddy', Agent Turns Out to Be Scammer

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According to China Press, a girl alias Amy was cheated for RM12,000 by a man named Mike when she was soliciting for a sugar daddy. Amy wanted a sugar daddy because she needed the money to pay for her college’s tuition fees. She didn’t wish to drop out of college, therefore she decided to become a sugar baby in order to make quick bucks. The 22-year-old student from Perak shared her ordeal yesterday (Jan 17) at a press conference held by MCA Public Services and Complaints Department, Datuk Seri Michael Chong. She wished that her story could warn the public from falling into the same scam. In the press conference, Amy revealed she met Mike November last year and he claimed he had a way that could help her financially. Malaysian Student Pays RM12,000 Deposit to Find 'Sugar Daddy' “This man claimed to be Mike contacted me via WhatsApp in November 2017. He told me he got my number through an introduction from one of my female friends. In the conversation, he told me he could help me get out of my financial turmoil by arranging me to a sugar daddy,” Amy said. Mike convinced Amy to sign up a sugar baby “package” which allowed her to make money quick. He said all she had to do was to sleep with the same man for six times and each time she would be paid RM1,000, totaling to RM6,000 by the end. Amy said her top priority was to make money for her tuition fees. In desperation, she had no choice but to agree to be a sugar baby.

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But before Amy could meet the man, she had to pay RM12,000 as deposit. He said the money is refundable after the first meeting. Without much thought, she agreed.  Malaysian Student Pays RM12,000 Deposit to Find 'Sugar Daddy' Amy, which had a boyfriend, looked for help from her family and friends to gather the RM12,000. She paid the sum in eight different transactions and when she completed paying the full amount, Mike said she needed another RM750 as GST and processing fees. This guy was pushing his luck—a lot! At the moment, she started her suspicion. She wondered why he kept taking money from her. When she finally realized she had been fooled, she quickly lodged a complaint to MCA. During the press conference, she said she found a college mate Dennis (alias) fell victim to Mike’s scam as well. Dennis didn’t pay the full deposit but still lost RM2,000 to Mike. She felt suspicious and stopped her payment soon after. Chong said there are many sexual scams these days and warned the public to be careful as these scammers had gotten more creative with their ways lately. You can catch the press conference here. Photo: orientaldaily, chinapress

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