Malaysian Sugar Babies Share Their Stories of What It's Like To Be One

“Having financial security is important to me. If I have to date a man to get it, why not?” “It’s difficult to maintain my lifestyle as it is, but I also want to have nice clothes, and have fancy meals. My friend’s sugar daddy was able to give her all that, so I decided to try it too.” So she applied for a sugar daddy/baby arrangement on a website that offered “companionship” that also usually involves sex in exchange for money, shopping trips and exotic holidays. It’s some sort of like a barter system and it’s becoming really popular in Malaysia, ever since it broke out on the Internet. Back in the days, it was much harder to find a sugar daddy, it was more of sugar babies having to play the field at clubs or pubs and socialize with people in order for these wealthy man to be attracted to them. But now, it’s all done in just 5 minutes. All you need to do is set up an account on any of the sugar baby websites, put up your profile and just wait for you to be offered. It’s totally up to you if you want to choose your sugar daddy and it could be multiple too. You can try out sites like TheSugarBook or Seeking Arrangement, to register yourself for a sugar daddy too! Puteri claimed that after she set up her profile, she received two offers within just one day from gentlemen who are worth over US$1 million (RM3.6 million). Within a month, she already had up to 13 offers. Of course, conservative people wouldn’t look at this job as a good thing, but rather is against it. But many people out there need help financially and this is the only way they can look for help sometimes.

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Sulastri Ariffin, programme manager of Social and Enabling Environment Development (SEED), an organisation that works with marginalised communities said,   “Back in the day, the usual way was to be a GRO at a club, drink with businessmen all the time, and see where it goes.” “But online, college girls get harrased and hit on by guys all the time anyway. All they’d have to do is negotiate a price,” she added. So Puteri, who lives in Ipoh decided to go with a classified website to look for her own sugar daddy and asked for RM1,000 a month of allowance which is actually really cheap compared to other sugar babies out there in Klang Valley. As an exchange, she offered to be his girlfriend, provide company and love in the relationship. When asked if this arrangement included sex, she said,   “Of course!” she said, sounding surprised. “Isn’t that the way it works?” Another sugar baby by the name of Sandy shared that she loved money and power. So she thinks that a sugar arrangement is a sweet deal for her and many other young people out there that loves the same thing too. You get to go on fancy dinner dates, receive expensive gifts, go for holidays around the world and even receive allowances monthly of up to RM3,000-RM5,000 a month without having to work 8 hours or 10 hours a day. But with sex involved, isn’t this considered prostitution? Sandy, 23, said, “I’ve never considered this prostitution,” who started her sugar life in 2012, when she a second year college student. “I’m paid for my company, not for sex. I have the power to choose whether or not I have sex,” said the self-confessed “materialistic girl.” She started this path when a friend told her about it and asked her if she would like to get paid for a dinner date. Sandy lives in Petaling Jaya, and has had many sugar daddies in the past years, including a few Datuks. She said, “To be very honest, I love money, and the power that comes with it.”  She mentioned that a one-off dinner date cost RM500, without even counting the expensive gifts yet. Woah!  So what does the society think about this? In an interview, Malaysian Mental Health Association deputy president Datuk Dr Andrew Mohanraj said, “In the long run, this whole sugar daddy culture could lead to a whole host of societal problems” “It destroys the institution and image of fatherhood for these young women. “They will see fathers – and older men in general – as exploitative, and they will pass that perception down to their children too.” He also claimed that young people might not even be able to find love and develop feelings in a normal relationship anymore once this trend dies off. Besides, there are physical dangers as well to this. He said he had treated 2 patients that was on substance abuse as their sugar daddies introduced them to a “hedonistic” lifestyle of drugs and alcohol.
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CEO of Seeking


Another one of them was also locked up inside a condo by her sugar daddy after she threatened to leave him. So what do you think? Is this a good thing to be involved in or it’s not? Share with us!

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