Malaysian Taufu Fah Seller Caught Reusing Disposable Plastic Bowls After Washing In Pail Of Water In Bandar Sunway - The Coverage

Malaysian Taufu Fah Seller Caught Reusing Disposable Plastic Bowls After Washing In Pail Of Water In Bandar Sunway

That is very unhygienic! Recently, a taufu fah (soy pudding) seller was caught rewashing plastic bowls in a rather unhygienic way at his lorry-stall in Bandar Sunway.

Netizen Selva Jai Raam uploaded the 80-second video clip on his Facebook account over the weekend and it has been shared over 3,100 and has more than 589,000 views at the time of writing.

Source: Facebook

Selva recorded the seller washing a recyclable plastic bowl, which is believed to have been used by another customer, in a pail of water without any detergent! Selva asked the seller,

“Uncle, what are you doing? I’ve thrown the bowl, but I see you picked it up and re-washed it.”

Source: Facebook

Selva also alleged that he witnessed the seller doing this for the second time. However, the seller responded with no remorse saying that he has done this before. He pointed out,

“There is no oil (in the bowl).”

While being confronted by Selva on his actions, the seller repeatedly said,

“Saya berani makan, saya berani jual. (I dare to eat from it, therefore I dare to sell it to others)”

Source: Facebook

Facebook users were disgusted and angered by the seller’s actions. A commenter, Annie Tan pointed out that the taufu fah seller was washing from water in a pail, and not running water.

“How many bowls were washed in a day? And the water contains saliva from many customers!”

Source: Facebook

Asyikin Amir said it was important to wash the bowls and utensils with soap and running water to ensure cleanliness. She wrote,

“If washing with running water, it is still okay. Plus must wash with soap to ensure cleanliness. But reusing water repeatedly to wash and without soap, that is not clean.”

Dilina Kamaruddin said this video is important in bringing awareness among the public to bring their own cutlery and containers when eating outside. She was referring to the overuse of disposable plastic containers that has caused pollution.

Source: Facebook

Meanwhile, Abraham Joshua Francis alleged that straws are being reused and given to customers at mamak restaurants, Chinese kopitiams, and Malay warung (stalls) across the country.

Uncle, it is not a matter of whether you’re daring enough to eat and sell it, this concerns the matter of hygiene! Maybe people can let you slide if you were to wash the plastic container with soap but please throw the spoon away! The spoon has been into another person’s mouth! 

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(Source: The Star / Facebook)

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1 Comment

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