Malaysian Woman Brutally Beaten Up By Husband In Kepong Just Because She Said Something Wrong - The Coverage

Malaysian Woman Brutally Beaten Up By Husband In Kepong Just Because She Said Something Wrong

Oh my goodness, what could she have said to deserve all these beatings?

A woman was brutally beaten up by her husband last Sunday, September 30, after she said something that triggered him. The incident took place at a condo in Aman Puri, Kepong at about 12.15 am.

According to China Press, the victim surnamed Wong said she was having dinner with her husband when she accidentally said something she wasn’t supposed to say.

Source: China Press

The 41-year-old husband then forced her into the car and took her home where she was viciously bashed up. She added that her husband was slightly drunk at that time when he strangled and slapped her.

As a result, her nasal bone was broken and her arm was badly bruised. There were injuries all over her body and blood could be seen everywhere on the floor.

Source: China Press

When the beating finally came to an end, she tried to move out but was stopped by her husband. The police had to be called in to ensure the victim’s safety. Wong said,

“My body was weak and in pain, so I went to the hospital first for treatment before going to the police station by myself. After the incident, I asked my husband the reason why he beat me up and what did I say wrong. He didn’t reply clearly, and asked me to reflect on my own.”

Source: China Press

Source: China Press

It is learned that the couple had been together for 18 years without any children. This was also the first time the husband had ever laid a finger on her. Since he didn’t apologize, Wong has decided to live separately from him.

We pray for Wong’s speedy recovery. As for her husband, we hope he can come to his sense, apologize and turn over a new leaf. 

(Source: China Press  / WOB)

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1 Comment

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