Malaysian Woman Shares The Scary Moment A Man Tried To Force Open Her Car Door At One Utama Shopping Mall Car Park

Ng also counted herself fortunate that the car beside hers was backing out of their spot during the encounter, hence slowing him down and buying her some time to react. “Can’t imagine what could have happened if his attempt was successful. Be alert and safe my friends,” adding that she was glad she wasn’t looking at her phone at the time.

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Please always be alert on parking spot. I was parking at one utama open air parking today and when I was about to collect my car to leave, I noticed a suspicious guy following me, he is wearing a jacket and holding a parcel like item, when I slow down, he slows down too seems to be observing which car I gets in. I pretend to walk pass my car and quickly turn back to hop on my car and lock my door. Luckily the car next to mine is also reversing to get a parking spot which slows him down a bit, then he walk to my passenger seat and open my passenger car seat trying to get in. He was shocked that it was lock. Luckily I get to lock in time and I honk n he fled off. All happened in just 2-3 mins. I’m glad to be quite alert today not using my phone at the time and lucky to have the car next to mine reversing to buy some time. It was afternoon where lunch crowd in coming in, crime can just happened anytime. Can’t imagine what will happened if his attempt is successful. Be alert and safe my friends. Source : Facebook

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