Malaysian Women Most Unfaithful Lovers in the World ? - The Coverage

Malaysian Women Most Unfaithful Lovers in the World ?


According to a survey carried out recently by leading condom producer; Durex, Malaysian women are statistically proven to be more likely to cheat on their partners and are listed as one of the most unfaithful lovers in the world.

Durex reported that 39% of Malaysian women revealed that they have cheated on their partners at some given time during a relationship in the poll, which covered 29,000 women from 36 countries.

Malaysian women came in third with a reported 39 percentile behind Ghana, who came in first with a reported 62 percent and Thailand in second, with a reported 59 percent in the worldwide survey carried out by Durex. Fourth place was taken by Russia with a 33 percentile and in fifth place, Singapore, with a 19 percentile.

The same survey also placed men from Singapore and Hong Kong as being the most promiscuous in Asia with an average of 16 bed partners in their lifetime.

Whereas, the survey revealed that Malaysian men have an average of 3 bed partners on a casual basis in their lifetime.

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