Malaysian Youth Open Letter To Johor Sultan To ‘De-Throne’ Najib Goes Viral Open - The Coverage

Malaysian Youth Open Letter To Johor Sultan To ‘De-Throne’ Najib Goes Viral Open

Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak has never been in a tighter spot than he is today. Netizens from nearly every corner of Malaysia are rallying up against the sixth Malaysian Prime Minister.


Dato’ Sri Haji Mohammad Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak is the sixth and current Prime Minister of Malaysia. He was sworn in to the position on 3 April 2009 to succeed Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (Picture by Malaysian Chronicle)

Malaysian debate champion Syed Saddiq has spoken on behalf of Malaysians by writing an open letter to his majesty, the monarch of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar, to seek his help to ‘de-throne’ the current Malaysian Prime Minister from his seat at Putrajaya.

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A snippet of Syed’s open letter to the Johor Monarch on his Facebook profile

The letter, which was posted on Syed’s Facebook page, has been shared tens of thousands of times across different platforms online, was written in Bahasa Melayu.

Syed’s letter to the Sultan was a humble response to the Monarch’s appeal to Malaysians to ‘Give Najib a Chance’.


The headline in question

Below is the English translation of Syed’s letter to the Johor monarch.

Open letter to DYMM Tuanku Sultan Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar

I, your humble servant ask for, but a brief interlude of your most precious time to read this brief letter that comes sincerely from the heart of an earnest Malaysian.

Your Majesty,

I, among many other Malaysians, are without shadow of a doubt, in awe of your courage in helping the people’s voice be heard regarding issues such as the 1MDB scandal, bribery, JAKIM, as well as racial issues. I am beyond proud to be branded a citizen of Johor and to be ruled and protected by such an amazing of a person- a true champion in the hearts of all Malaysians.

Regarding the latest issue, I humbly implore your majesty to allow me to speak my mind on a different point of view I have.

As a regular everyday citizen of this one-great country, I deeply feel that DS Najib only deserves a second chance if he agrees to step-down temporarily for the time being, at least until proper investigations on the recent scandals are completed.

I sincerely feel that DS Najib and his band of men have misused their authority and titles one too many times.

For example,

  • The sudden laying off of the Attorney General
  • Their involvement in the authority of the SPRM and PDRM
  • Their ignorance towards the National Bank reports
  • The laying off of party members that have different opinions
  • The misuse of SOSMA
  • The Cabinet, AG, Bank Negara, PDRM and MACC are sacred institutions tasked to be the gatekeepers of our fundamental liberties. The gatekeepers which shouldn’t be meddled with by any force.
  • Your majesty, never in a million years will I ever intend to commit mutiny of any kind, and I completely agree that politics are none of your interest as a royal monarch. However, your majesty is the last and final hope of us Malaysians who yearn for a fair and transparent government. Lend us your voice, my majesty.

DS Najib has been given chances over and over again. It is high time the people get a chance.

Your humble servant,

Syed Saddiq

Syed has received countless support from fellow Malaysians who share the same view as him.


Syed who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law, is also a part-time lecturer at the International Islamic University Malaysia, frequently gives Ted Talks at TedxYouth KL conferences and has represented Malaysia in the international debate scene.

Syed at a TedxYouth conference

Syed at a TedxYouth conference


His Facebook Status – Click Here

So what do you think about this? Will the Sultan of Johor respond? Let us know!

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