Malaysians Are Angry At Zahid Hamidi’s Daughter For Defending UiTM Lecturer Who Insulted B40 Student – Suggesting Poor Students To Work Part Time To Buy A Laptop

Recently, a local university lecturer received backlash after making negative comments about a student and the B40 community during an online class.

In the video which went viral, the lecturer scolded the student for not being able to afford a laptop. She even went on to slam the B40 community in general for not prioritising their education.

Her comments sparked debate with some people siding on the student whilst others trying to defend and justify the lecturer’s comments.

One such person is UMNO president Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s daughter, Datuk Nurul Hidayah who shared her thoughts via an Instagram post.

In her post, she said, “Although you might have come from a poor background, as a student, you must be responsible and put education as the priority.”

“I also had lecturers who I disliked but I would never expose them like this. As she’s the lecturer, she has the right to be mad at the student as she feels that he’s not taking it seriously,” she added.

“In today’s age, a couple’s quarrel will end up on social media… every heartache ends up on social media. A student getting scolded by a lecturer also ends up on social media.”

She then urged the younger generation to turn their feelings of sadness and disappointment into encouragement. “If you truly want to learn you wouldn’t share your lecturer’s wrongdoings like this.”

“Reality is much worse. If you get scolded by your boss would you put it on social media as well? Do you think employers want to take employees like that.” she stated.

Hidayah believes that the lecturer wasn’t trying to offend the B40. “I think that she was just disappointed.”

“There are a lot of people from the B40 who turned out to be successful. A lot of people whose parents passed away when they were young who still manage to study and become successful. And a lot also work part time to buy a laptop.”

Her comments did not go down well

Unfortunately for her, her comments were not received well by Malaysians who criticised her.

It is worth noting that this was not the first time she has been slammed for her comments as she was previously done so for her views on period poverty.



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