Share : Malaysians Do Not Accept Dato Tan Scripted & Insincere Apology – Wants His Title To Be Revoke By The Palace & Receive Jail Punishment

The Royalty should start pulling back all these criminal’s datukship awards everytime they misbehave. Then it will make these awards more meaningful and respectable.

I wonder why his title was not revoked after solid proof of hitting people with his unconscious state mind. I was waiting for the Royal Household to revoke his title though. Hmmm..

Give up your datuk ship as you can see that you don’t deserve it. As for your family they automatically got involved because of your actions. Behave and honour your title.

Kasi balik title “Dato” pls.. then take the punishment as a normal citizen, maybe the rakyat might accept your apology.. face the consequences on your action pls!!

Justice must prevail. CPC should be enforced and jail term mandatory. Apologies cannot correct the damage done with arrogance

What do you suspicious of hitting? The video clearly showed his intention to whack the poor boy and his girlfriend.Why not arrested and charged in court ? Only say sorry.

Apology insincere as he was trying to justify his actions for being intoxicated albeit self induced!

Sila serahkan balik pangkat dato ke istana. Be the man and do the right thing. Mabuk ke tak rasional ke and the thing you reading the script. Rakyat will forgive you if u apologies to the victims parents and face the outcome. Please do not jeopardise the Datukship.

Make apologetic video also still wana mention your gelaran Datuk 😒
You did not menyerah diri, you were arrested! And you said you reacted cause felt disrespected for being more “berusia” ? No..u slap cause u feel people dunno u datuk so cannot tegur you when u were being a nuisance!

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Make a video of yourself kowtowing to the young couple, then I’d say you’re sincere… this one? This is just acted script.

Put to rest..? You truly believe that you may slap someone with absolute impunity? Would you put the case to rest if you and your spouse are the ones who were slapped? Hypocrisy at work?

He already admitted so why is it still termed as suspicion? Now he has to be charged with criminal assault and I urge the man and woman who were assaulted to file a civil suit against him and his friend for damages.

This guy should be stripped of his title, and arrested for the offence. Why double standards? If it was a normal person by know he would have been arrested with the ample amount of proof at hand.

He is still not remorseful. Saying that his friend thought that he was hit by the young man. In actual fact he called his friends in to whacked that person.

He also want people not get those innocent people involved but he went to slapped that poor girl.

Don’t stop highlighting this case until he is at least 6 months behind bar.

He himself also slapped that boy. How can he claimed his friend misunderstood.

What apologies? We won’t be forgiving as he thought of taking the hotpot and god knows what he wanted do at that moment, he should be punished by the Law and strip off his Datoship.

Looking at his facial expression also tell you that his apology is not sincere. He did that to get a fine instead of a jail sentence. No way, he should be sentenced to the full extent of the law… Till now he has not learn anything!!! Please dont let him get away … Punish him till he learn a good lesson.

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Salam..sorry is not a cure..nasi sudah jadi bubur..the couple who were beaten up must get justice..the culprit with Dato’ title must be charged and get severe sentences to give a lesson that Dato’ title doesnt mean that you have license to beat the people just like that…

Charge him for assault and alcohol abuse, then strip off the datukship which he definitely do not deserve. When i watched the video , saying sorry is not enough.

Sorry no cure. Please strip him off all titles and go to jail. Think anyhow whack people say sorry and then go scott free? Like that i want slap the Dato and say sorry too.

Hotpot Datuk Tan : “I Was Angry , As An Older Man, My Pride Was Hurt After Being Chastised By Someone Younger”

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