Malaysians Fans Shocked By Leaked Video of Joyce Chu Drugged and Raped

11043248_895137457174679_3845063980910702265_n Reported by, the two minute video showed a 16 year old Joyce chatting with a stranger online, and against her family’s wishes went out to party with her new online friend. She was then seen drinking and partying at an unknown location, also flirting with the new man she has met. Unknown to her however, the man has silently slipped a drug in her drink, and while the drug started to take effect he brought her to a room. He then raped the drugged Joyce and recorded the entire incident to extort her. Fortunately, all this was just a crime awareness project that Joyce was part of when she was in secondary school, where she was still studying back then. The video, simply titled ‘Cyber Crime Awareness’, was uploaded  by Singapore Police Force (SPF) on YouTube. The video was a competition entry by the group for cyber crime awareness that was organised by the SPF. a1 a2 a3 a4 a5 a6

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