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Malaysia’s education system being praised as a model by UNESCO for tackling extremism

As countries in the region of Asia continue to rapidly develop and advance through time, it is their education system that is being praised for promoting and educating peace unto the younger generation.

Malaysia has long had a deep partnership and relationship with UNESCO, sharing mutual visions and values for a change. Malaysia is one of the many examples of countries within the South East Asia region that is being hailed at for its inclusive education system in fighting against extremism.


For the last couple of months, under the leadership of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, the Government has been very firm in tackling against violent extremism such as extremist groups like ISIS.

With the rise of many Malaysian youth joining the reigns of ISIS, the Government is now taking innumerable amount of steps to tackle this through inclusion and education, which so happens to fall into UNESCO’s plans in uniting societies.


“With its comprehensive focus from early childhood and across the learning cycle, Malaysia’s National Education Blueprint 2013-2025, elaborated with the support of UNESCO, is an example to countries of all income levels. It encompasses attention to equity and quality, as well as the competences and skills required to live together on the basis of respect and mutual understanding.” stated UNESCO

This statement was published on the UNESCO website recently in conjunction with the Asia Society Center for Global Citizenship Education. Irina Bokova, UNESCO director-general was among the few who praised Malaysia’s education policies.


“The Government of Malaysia has taken a firm stance against violent extremism through inclusion and education, which Unesco considers the most effective long-term prevention to forces threatening to divide societies,” Irina commented.

Malaysia’s early childhood programme Permata was also praised for being a prime model for promoting peace and cultural diversity. An example that many countries should adopt and learn from stated UNESCO.


“In this context, Permata, established upon the initiative of Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansor, the first lady of Malaysia, stands as an outstanding example of inclusion, reaching the most marginalised, through holistic approaches that start at the earliest age, promote values of peace, non-violence and respect for cultural diversity, and improve lifetime opportunities for children and youth,”


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