Malaysia's Red People Has The Money To Buy Chanel But Couldn't Pay PTPTN?? "They Didn't Follow Up With Me!"

She’s being backfired for giving advice to the public!

Just when she thought she could “help” reminding people, instead she was being attacked by the public. Malaysia’s Red People Apple Tan Qian Jing posted on her Facebook regarding an experience she encountered in the airport. She was in the airport, about to go travel. Just when she got to the custom, she was stopped by the officer! The officer says that she didn’t pay for her PTPTN, hence she’s being barred from getting out of Malaysia!   Knowing that she herself didn’t pay for PTPTN, she still blamed PTPTN for not follow up on her! She said,

“Not that I don’t want to pay, but it’s them who didn’t follow up with me. How would I know where to pay, pay how much and pay at where??”

“Eventually, I just forgot about it.”

Not only that, she even tried to give advice to public through her post, by starting the post with,

“Those who owe PTPTN, have you paid? If you haven’t, then you better now! Otherwise, you will be barred from getting out of Malaysia!”

Netizens were furious with her post, saying how could she just FORGET about paying PTPTN? They even found out that she recently purchased a Chanel bag! Netizens backfired her by scolding her under the post! Not only that, they even commented on all her previous posts on Facebook!

Even Alan Walker was dragged into this…

“Alan Walker knows that you didn’t pay PTPTN?”

Yet, she still thinks that it’s not her fault. After being backfired, she posts a new post on her Facebook, saying,
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“Just wanted to be nice and remind people to pay PTPTN, at the end got backfired #hatersgonnahate”

Well, what do you think? Is she at fault in this case?  

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