Male Taxi Driver Gets Raped By A Female Passenger And Was Threatened With A Knife By A Male Accomplice!!!

Telegraph, Brittany Carter, 23, who had raped and robbed a male taxi driver earlier this year is finally facing up to her crime. The young lady who hails from Ohio is accused of sexually assaulting the driver while a male accomplice threatened the victim with a knife. It was reported that this incident took place in the city of Fremont at 4.24am on January 28. Her accomplice that was identified as Cory Jackson, 20, is still on the run and the third passenger is still yet to be identified. It was also reported that Jackson had stolen $32 (RM 140) from the driver’s wallet while Carter ‘distracted’ him with her sexual act. The male taxi driver quickly reported the incident to the police as soon as the passengers fled. Though Jackson is still on the loose, he has been charged with aiding and abetting the rape and indicted for aggravated robbery. Carter, on the other hand, is being held at the Hancock County jail with bail set at $60,000 (approx. RM 264,000.00).

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