Man Arrested For Molesting Woman On SIA Flight Claimed He 'Didn't Know The Laws Of Singapore' - The Coverage

Man Arrested For Molesting Woman On SIA Flight Claimed He ‘Didn’t Know The Laws Of Singapore’

Oh my goodness! What sort of excuse is that?

A woman that was asleep on a Singapore Airlines flight (SIA) was molested, but the odd part is that when she confronted the molester, his excuse was that he ‘didn’t know the laws of Singapore’.

The 31-year-old woman was onboard a flight from Bengaluru to Bali that had a transit stop in Singapore on October 1. After her meal at about 3.30 pm, she reportedly fell asleep with a blanket covering her.

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While the woman was asleep on a window seat, she felt a hand on her right breast. She woke up immediately to notice it was the man, Ravichandran Vignesh, sitting next to her.

When she shouted at him, he then removed his hand and pretended to sleep!

She then requested to move her seat and was given another seat at the back for the rest of the flight. She later sent feedback via SIA’s online form detailing the incident and also sent an email to the Deputy Commander of the Airport Police Division.

The next day, she lodged a formal police complaint with the Airport Police Division.

Three days later, on his way back from Bali, the 23-year-old Ravichandran was arrested during his transit through Singapore when police managed to track him down.

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The man pleaded guilty to the molestation charge and said he was ‘drunk, high, and tempted’ to touch the woman’s breast. However, he came from a poor family and had never taken a flight before.

Besides, he said that he ‘did not know the laws of Singapore’ and assures that he has no behaved indecently in India before. He said he was from a poor family and begged to be sent back to his home country, India.

The judge sentenced him to six months’ jail time in Singapore after Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Amanda Han added that Ravichandran had committed the crime at a confined space where the victim could not escape and used some force as well.

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He said,

“I do not know the laws of Singapore. I have not done this back home in India before.

“I will not touch any woman again. I will not travel overseas again. I will not come back to Singapore again.”

For a molestation charge, Ravichandran could have been jailed up to 2 years, fine or caned, or a combination of both.

Don’t go around touching people without permission! You’re just looking for trouble! Kudos to the woman for standing up to the molester and taking action! 

What are your thoughts on this?

(Source: Says / WOB)

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1 Comment

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