Man Earned RM 3 Million from Social Escort Business and 'Tries' them Out Before Hiring

applied for a job at his social escort agency were as young as 15 years old. But that didn’t stop him from using them to provide sexual services to men.Chew Tiong Wei also had sex with some of them because he wanted to “try” them out before hiring them.

A 17-year-old girl whom Chew had sex with went on to make about RM 60 000 ( $20,000 ) for him in about a year.The university undergraduate slept with about 50 men, charging them RM 1200 to RM 3000 ($400 to $1,000 each). As with his other girls, Chew took 40 per cent of her takings as his cut.
His other “social escorts” were not as lucrative, but Chew still earned RM 3.188 million ($1.047 million ) from at least 19 prostitutes from 2007 until last year, when the law finally caught up with him. 290514_Arrested_ST He was arrested by the police at his Victoria Street office last December following a tip-off. Yesterday, Chew, 38, who set up the now-defunct Prestige Talents Management, pleaded guilty in court to 28 charges, including living off the immoral earnings of prostitutes, having sex with a minor, having commercial sex with underage prostitutes, making obscene films and income tax offences.Court papers said Chew, who has been married since 2002, started his vice business sometime in mid 2007 when he published advertisements in newspapers almost daily to recruit female social escorts. He interviewed applicants and told them the job involved providing sexual services.Chew took photographs of successful applicants scantily clad or in the nude and posted their pictures and personal details on an online sex forum to market them.Within the next year, he made between RM 60 000 and RM 90 000 ($20,000 and $30,000) , motivating him to improve his business. In 2010, he spent about RM 73 000 ( $24,000 ) to hire professionals to create a website and a short-messaging service (SMS) database programme for his business.He continued running advertisements in newspapers but did not mention anything about providing sexual services.He or his employees would then meet and interview applicants at his office or a public place.
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shutterstock_209071660 Chew Tiong Wei Would Convince Them To Have Sex With Him First Before Hiring Them When it came to recruiting females under 18, Chew would convince them to have sex with him first before hiring them.He would tell them he needed to “try” them out and provide pointers so they could “get used to the whole feel”.That was how he convinced a 15-year-old girl to have sex with him in June 2008 before recruiting her to be a prostitute. It is an offence in Singapore for a man to have sex with a girl under 16.For the next six months, the girl had paid sex with 76 male customers and gave Chew about RM 20 400 ($6,770). He also met another 15-year-old girl, who saw his advertisement and asked her 16-year-old female friend along for the interview and photoshoot in a hotel room.After Chew took pictures of them in their lingerie, he said he wanted to test their sexual services and offered to paid them.They agreed and engaged in a threesome with Chew, who paid them RM 150 ($50 each). Chew also had paid sex with the 17-year-old undergraduate when she applied for a job.It is an offence to have commercial sex with a female under 18.He told her it was standard procedure for him to “try out” her sexual services and she agreed a few days later to meet Chew in a hotel room. He told her she would need to talk to a customer first and kiss him if he did not make the first move. They then had sex with a condom, only for her to push him away at some point when she felt pain.He assured her that everything would be fine and they resumed, even having unprotected sex at some point.Afterwards, he told her not to push the customer away during sex. She had paid sex with 50 men from November 2008 and October 2009 and gave Chew about RM 60 000 ($20,000). Chew also filmed himself having sex with his prostitutes in hotel rooms or his Toa Payoh home on 27 occasions.Many of them were unaware they were being filmed.Chew also admitted he filed false income tax entries so that he could evade paying about RM 82 200 ($27,000 ) in taxes. He also falsely declared that his father, mother and wife were working for him so that he could receive productivity and innovation credit payouts of RM 73 000 ($24,000). Chew is expected to be back in court on Jan 13.
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2015-10-15T102640Z_1704092930_LR2EBAF0T06QX_RTRMADP_3_GERMANY-ODDLY How Much The Girls Gave Chew Tiong Wei ?  Girl #1 Age : 32 to 34 When : August 2012 – December 2014 No. of Customers : 112 How much she gave Chew  :RM 44 000 ( $14,461 ) Girl #2 Age : 17 – 19 When : November 2008 – October 2009 No. of Customers : 50 How much she gave to Chew: RM 60 000 ( $20,000 ) Girl #3 Age : 18 When :  November 2010 – February 2011 No. of Customers : 55 How much she gave to Chew : RM 18 500 ( $6,090 ) Girl #4 Age :  15 – 16 When  : June – December 2008 No. of Customers :  76 How much she gave to Chew  : RM 20 500 ( $6,770 ) Girl #5 Age : 17 When :  August – November 2008 No. of Customers : 18 How much she gave to Chew : RM 5400 ( $1,800 ) Girl #6 Age : 17 When : February – June 2009 No. of Customers :13 How much she gave to Chew : RM 6000 ( $2,000 ) Girl #7 Age : 18 When : June – October 2014 No. of Customers : 18 How much she gave to Chew : RM 18 700 ( $6,140) Source : Asiaone  

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