Man Furious After Ferrari Crashes Into His Car But When He Saw The Driver, He Miraculously Calmed Down

Source: Sportlova

Angered, the man asked the Ferrari driver to step out so they could resolve the problem together, but he was sent into a fit of rage when the driver refused to get out of the vehicle despite being repeatedly asked to do so.

However, the scared Ferrari driver refused to exit the vehicle but called the police instead, to avoid any unwanted occurrences.

When the police arrived at the scene, the man then complained to the policeman about the situation, the police then proceeded to ask the Ferrari driver to get out of the vehicle.

Source: Sportlova

After being repeatedly asked to get out by the police officers, the Ferrari driver finally gave in and stepped out of the car.

The angered Honda Jazz driver quickly became calm and rational when he found out that the Ferrari driver was a beautiful woman dressed in a sexy attire.

He immediately forgave the lady because she has to pay for the repairs of three cars!

Source: Sportlova

Wow, such a change in attitude! Well, thankfully this settled in a good manner, most importantly is that no one was hurt during the incident!

Ladies, please don’t wear heels when you drive, as the heel could potentially get stuck when you’re stepping on your pedals! What are your thoughts on this?

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(Source: Hero Viral / Sport Lova

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