Man Sets Up Camera to Catch Ghost But Catches Son Having Sex With Wife Instead

stepmom-stepson sexual relationship Source: elitereaders

One day, the husband forgot to turn off the camera and when he reviewed the footage, he saw the 28-year-old woman kissing and cuddling with his 16-year-old son.

When caught, the stepmom denied every allegation but later on, the son confessed that they indeed had sex on multiple occasions.

According to prosecutor Jackie Hartnett, it first happened when the woman walked into the stepson’s room to discuss his driving lessons. Started as a casual conversation was then led to tickling and finally full-blown sexual intercourse in one visit.

At that time, the woman already had an 18-month biological son with the husband. The woman later pleaded guilty and sentenced to at least 6 months in prison for sex with a minor.

She thought the legal age for sex ins 16-year-old in Tasmania but it is actually 17.

“You did that knowing full well it was unlawful,” the Justice David Porter said.

“You have caused much disruption to this young man’s life.” Leaving the court shaking and crying, she said she was “ashamed and embarrassed” by her actions.

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