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Man Sets Himself On Fire While Being Handcuffed At A Police Station

Holy crap, this man really does not want to be taken to jail.

A man whom was handcuffed for causing a drunken row at a police station in Ipoh managed to reach for his lighter and set himself on fire. He suffered up to 90% burns all over his body and is now fighting for his life at Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital, as reported by The Star.

Despite him being handcuffed, the 47 year old man, still managed to reach inside his pocket. Datuk Gan Tian Kee, Perak CID Chief Senior Asst Comm said that the man had caused a ruckus earlier at the police station and was detained at around 1am and 2am on Tuesday.

He said,

“The policemen who were guarding the man, released his handcuffs and put out the fire using water from a nearby tap.

 “He was sent to the hospital for treatment.” 
The man was said to have been drunk, however he wanted to lodge a police report. The policeman told him to calm down and to come back when he was sober. He got angry and raised his voice, while threatening to make the incident viral on Facebook.
The man then returned shortly and pushed the policeman and was promptly arrested, according to SAC Gan. He also added,

“The man had a parang on his motorcycle. He also has a criminal record with 13 cases, including drug-related offences.” 

The family of the 47 year old man are not happy with the police’s explanation and has filed a police report demanding an explaination over how he was burnt.

How can someone be so drunk till the extend of

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