This Man Walks 40KM in Snow So That He Can Save the Cab Fee and Buy CNY Clothes For Wife Instead - The Coverage

This Man Walks 40KM in Snow So That He Can Save the Cab Fee and Buy CNY Clothes For Wife Instead

Saving money to get your loved one a gift during a festive season is a common thing to do for all lovers out there, but how many of us are willing to sacrifice comfort and go through heavy toil just because of that?

Recently, a man in China had moved millions of hearts online after pulling out a physically challenging task just to save some money.

Sixty-year-old Zhao Fangzi had walked 40 kilometers in the snow to home, refusing to pay 200 yuan (approx. RM120) for a cab service because he said the money was better off spent on his wife for new clothes this Chinese New Year, South China Morning Post reported.

40KM! That’s the distance from Klang to Kuala Lumpur! 

Zhao is a migrant construction worker in Shanghai for the past one year. He left his hometown, Mengjin County, in search of jobs in the big city but he said the opportunity in the Shanghai was scarce as well because of his age.

He made 2,000 yuan (approx. RM1,200) a month. Spending 200 yuan on a cab ride means 10% of his salary would be gone. 

Zhao was caught in the situation where the bus service was shut down due to heavy snow that day. If he didn’t want to spend the money on a cab, he could instead spend it on an overnight hotel stay and wait for the bus service recovery tomorrow. To that, he said it’s extra money too.

“If I had stayed there and waited, I would’ve had to check in to a hotel, which would have cost extra money too. So I decided to walk home.”

He started walking from Luoyang train station to his hometown in Mengjin County, central Henan province, on the morning of January 25 after arriving by train from Shanghai. He charged through the wind and the snow for 40km straight before arriving home to see his wife.

“It’s not that cold,” Zhao said, with a towel on his head to shield his hair from the snow. “And the more you walk, the warmer you feel.”

He said that the trip home was a one-way trip because he had decided to retire. He was seen carrying all his belongings, such as sleeping mat, electric fan, and bedding, on his body without a help of a trolley or a wheeled luggage. Imagine doing that and walk 40km. Truly an admirable labour!

“I’m (already) 60, and it’s time to retire. We have pensions too, after all,” he said.

However, he couldn’t bring home a lot of the money he made because his boss owed him about 10,000 yuan (approx. RM6,150). He was disappointed that he couldn’t be paid before the Chinese New Year, but his boss had promised to pay him the rest of the unpaid wages after the festival.

The report didn’t say that Zhao had made it home or not but he did tell the daily that he hoped to make back before dark. Since then, Zhao’s story had attracted plenty of support online.

“Life is never easy, hope you get home safe,” one netizen said.

“He walked for 40 kilometres just to save money to buy new clothes for his wife – that is the sweetest love in the world,” another wrote.

Source: scmp; photos: shanghaiist

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1 Comment

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