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Man’s Ex-Girlfriend Rejects RM1.2 Million ‘Break-Up Fee’ Saying It’s Too Little

“Free things, who don’t want?” – This thought is very common among us Malaysians, we just love free stuff. When your ex-lover gives you RM1.2 million as ‘break-up fee’ with no ties attached, would you take it? 

I know many of us will take it in a heartbeat, but not this girl in China.

The story begins on the night of May 6 when two women appeared to be in their 20s and well dressed arrived at a bar in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.

Employees at the bar said the women ordered drinks before a tall, young man who carried a silver-gray luggage joined them. But just as midnight falls, the trio started arguing.

Source: Sina News

Which resulted in the man leaving the scene, leaving both the women and his luggage. Shortly after that the women also left, leaving the suitcase behind.

Eventually, employees discovered the suitcase and reported it to their manager, who then called the police. Authorities responded and took the suitcase, revealing that it contained bundles of 100 yuan notes adding up to 2 million yuan (RM1.2 million).

The manager reportedly summoned the police once again in the morning of May 7 when a young man came looking for the suitcase. The man, who arrived at the police station in a Rolls-Royce, was identified to be 23 and employed in the information technology sector.

Source: Sina News

He revealed that one of the two women was his ex-girlfriend who sought for a ‘break-up fee’ of 5 million yuan (RM3.1 million).

He told the police,

“I broke up with my girlfriend. She asked me for five million yuan as a ‘break-up fee’. I used the luggage to bring two million in cash. I met her at the bar and told her that I only brought two million. Then I left.”

It turns out that the sum he had delivered was not enough for his ex-girlfriend, so she left it at the bar and called him later to inform that she did not take the money.

Source: Sina News

She explained to the police when she was summoned,

“He said that he only gave me two million yuan. I didn’t want it, so I left it. Then I called him and said I didn’t want the money and let him get it back. That’s it.”

Authorities fell silent after hearing both accounts, so did we! The man successfully recovered the money after verifying his identity with the police.

Chinese netizens commented,

“Poverty limits my imagination.”

“Give me two million and I will not bother you again.”

“Let the parents of both parties come to the bar for a good meal.”

So, would you have taken the money, or will you be like the girl and return it?

(Source: Next Shark / Sina News)

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1 Comment

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