Many Beggars In Malaysia Were "Imported" From China And Crippled By The Gang ! – They Used To Be Born In Perfectly Healthy Body

They were born perfectly healthy and complete… until they were caught by the gang.

It was reported that the number of beggar in Malaysia is increasing. Local news corporation The Star revealed that many of them were “imported” from China! It is part of a huge organized gang run by two brothers from China.

The gang leader known as “Tahkeh” gathered children from China who were born perfectly healthy! Then, they will either disfigured or crippled these children, in order for them to become their tools! DAMN! laa These beggars were brought in to Malaysia on tourist visas. They beg in Malaysia’s tourist hotspot! At the end of the day, they will go back to the budget hotel rented. The money collected will be handed over to the leader as well. The Star was able to talk to two of the beggars to get further information.   The first beggar identified himself as Xiu Yuan, 33, and claimed he was born a healthy child but was crippled by the organised crime gang in China.

“It’s a large and powerful gang with connections in Malaysia that keeps watch on us,”


“I was crippled by the gang when I’m a child and kept captive for many years before being allowed to travel abroad.”

“Back in China, there are many beggars who are suffering in the clutches of this gang,” he said.

Only those that were trusted are allowed to travel abroad. The leader change the beggars each month. New faces will be brought into Malaysia, while the earlier ones will be sent home.
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“After two months, we come back here and continue begging. We have been doing this for many years,” he said.

mainbeggar_1710_pu_p3_punithas_1   These beggars were required to earn a minimum of RM 1200 a day! That’s crazy!

“We travel in taxis and the fare is taken care of by our leader. Our job is to collect a minimum of RM1,200 a day after going out of our base in Petaling Street,”

From the total money collected, 50% will be given to the leader, while 10% is for the taxi fares. The beggars get to keep the rest of the money. According to another beggar, Do Feng, 30, they can earn up to RM 3,000 during weekends! That simply makes it RM 24k just by begging on weekends! Didn’t know that becoming beggar can earn so much…

“Sometimes, if we are assigned to Malacca, we stay for two days at a house in Kota Laksamana that is rented by the leader. We come back to Petaling Street after we have collected what is expected of us,”


“Malaysia is our second home. We come here frequently and stay for a month before returning,” he said.

Both Xin Yuan and Dong Feng admitted that after each begging session here, they would unwind at massage parlours in Petaling Street.

“Because we are crippled, masseuses would never want to get close to us. We need to pay more for their services,”

Even though they are beggar, but they do know how to enjoy themselves…

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1 Comment

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