Maszlee To Import Wahabi Teachers From Saudi Arabia To Teach Malaysian English, Mathematics & Science – What Is Wrong With This Dunggu Minister ?

Saudi govt agree to send teachers in English, Maths, Science to M’sia for training to prepare for the 21st Century educational system Education Ministry said agreement reached between Maszlee and Saudi.

Saudi teachers teaching these three subjects will be here

Saudi govt to grant 300 scholarships to M’sian undergrads pursuing studies in science and technology.

To strengthen bilateral relations between the two nations.
Maszlee was sent on behalf of Dr M to meet King Salman

– Bernama

My comments : Science, Maths and English teachers from Saudi Arabia?

Pak Arab English teachers ??

There is no science in Saudi Arabia.

300 scholarships for Malaysian undergraduates to study in Saudi Arabia?

To prepare for the 21st century educational system?

What is wrong with this dunggu fellow?

What is wrong with Dr Mahathir?

Wikipedia says education in Saudi Arabia is ranked 145 out of 200 countries. I think Wiki[edia is being generous.

Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index, ranked Saudi Arabia 80th out of 180 countries. I think Transparency International is being biased TOWARDS Saudi Arabia.

In Press Freedom Saudi Arabia is ranked 163 out of 167 countries. (Because once in a while they murder and chop up journalists.)

Their democracy index is ranked about 160++ out of 167 countries.

Out of a population of about 30+ million, almost NINE million are foreigners, working in Saudi Arabia.

All the important technical and engineering jobs in Saudi Arabia are actually done by foreign expats (from India, Pakistan, Egypt etc.)

Not by Saudis.

Unemployment in Saudi Arabia is now 10% or more.

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The Saudi Air Force is flown by many Pakistani pilots.

The Saudi Royal family body guard are made up of Pakistani soldiers.

There are TWO school systems in Saudi Arabia.

One is the government school for Saudis.

The other is the private schools for children of the NINE million expatriates living in Saudi Arabia.

Here is some “trivia” about Saudi education :
The Philosophy of Saudi Education

Education Based on the Teachings of Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Abd Al-Wahhab

Spreading Wahabism throughout the World

From an early age, schoolchildren are taught about Jihad

That the Whole World Should Convert to Wahabism

Exporting the Saudi Education System – Spreading Wahabism throughout the world is emphasized on numerous occasions in the official Saudi document authored by the Higher Committee for Educational Policy.

For example, students are taught: “to plant and spread the Wahabi Islamic creed, and that “preaching of Islam throughout the world … is the duty of the state and its citizens.

The Saudi curriculum also educates students on the importance of “propagating Wahabism in all areas of our globe . ..”
So now these people are going to come here ??

Nauzubillah. May Allah save us.

Source : Syed Outside The Box

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The Saudi Arabian government has agreed to send their teachers specialising in English, Mathematics and Science over to Malaysia to gain teaching experience. This training stint is in view of the 21st Century educational system. The agreement was reached between the Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik and Saudi Arabia’s Education Minister Dr Hamad bin Mohammed Al Shaikh, aimed at strengthening bilateral relations between the two nations, revealed a statement from the ministry.

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The Saudi government also agreed to grant 300 scholarships to Malaysian undergraduates pursuing studies in science and technology.

Earlier, Maszlee was sent as a special envoy on behalf of Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, to meet with Saudi Arabia’s King Salman Abdulaziz Al Saud, to discuss issues of both countries and collaborating in education

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    None of you idiots even know what wahabi is.
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