Maszlee’s Sacking : Mukhriz Mahathir Will Be The Next Education Minister - The New PM-In-Waiting - The Coverage

Maszlee’s Sacking : Mukhriz Mahathir Will Be The Next Education Minister – The New PM-In-Waiting

Many GE14 promises were supposed to have been delivered on 10th May 2018

But why must Maszlee alone pay for it? Many others have fallen short as well. To say that Maszlee must go because the Chinese are not happy with him and that Pakatan Harapan cannot afford to offend the Chinese is not a good enough reason because there are others who the Chinese are not also happy with — Lim Guan Eng as one example.

The long and short of it is Mahathir needs to remove a PPBM Minister. If he removes Guan Eng, another DAP Chinese will take his place. Mahathir needs to create a vacancy in the Cabinet for a Malay from PPBM. And that is why Maszlee needed to be sacked.

Is Maszlee’s sacking to pave the way for Mukhriz to become the new Prime Minister-in-waiting

In that case, which Malay from PPBM not yet in the Cabinet is going to be brought in to the Cabinet? Is it Mukhriz Mahathir? And who is going to replace Mukhriz as the new Kedah Menteri Besar? Is Mukhriz slotted to become the new Prime Minister-in-waiting? What is going to happen to Anwar Ibrahim then? Is it true that Anwar is going to go down (pun not intended) on the Sodomy 3 issue? Is it true that PDRM is looking into six new sodomy cases involving Anwar?

Yes, questions, questions, questions, and no answers in sight. The Maszlee sacking appears to be a straight forward case of poor performance and many blunders. But with Mahathir nothing is straight forward so you need to look at the behind the scenes shenanigans to see a clearer picture.

One thing that is very clear is the pressure on Mahathir to retire and hand power to Anwar by or before May 2020 has increased. But with Mahathir you cannot apply pressure. The more pressure you apply the more he will fight back. Hence expect fireworks after the New Year’s Eve display of three days ago.

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