Mat Sabu Shares How Our 93-Year-Old Iron Man Tun Mahathir Work Non-Stop With Grueling Schedule – Even The Younger Cabinet Ministers Can't Catch Up With Him

Maybe that is why his wife, Tun Siti Hasmah Mohamad Ali is not too keen on him returning to the cabinet. Malaysia’s Defense Minister, Mohamad Sabu, commonly known as Mat Sabu, is one of the people who get to see just how grueling Tun M’s schedule is. Mat Sabu is part of the delegation to New York to attend the 73rd session of United Nations (UN) general assembly last month. Source: Air Times He gave us a little insight at an event with retirees at Taman Intan Perdana, Port Dickson on October 10, 2018. During his talk, he said,

“Dr. Mahathir, he’s 93 years old, when he was in New York, he addressed the United Nations. “During the four days he was in New York, he attended 18 programmes, he met with business leaders, the press, held dialogue sessions with entrepreneurs. 18 programmes in 4 days.”
Source: YouTube Tun M did the same in London, he did interviews with BBC, held talks with business leaders and met Malaysians there, he even attracted investors to come to Malaysia, and he returned home from London.
“This is our Prime Minister. The flight from London to Kuala Lumpur took 13 hours, we reached the Subang Airport at 9 pm. People who go on long flights experience jet lag because of the time difference. “The next day, 9.30 am sharp, he was chairing the cabinet meeting. “I saw this and I thought, how is this old man doing this? What does he eat? And even the meeting on that day was five hours long. He didn’t even go to the bathroom once, I went three times!”
Source: YouTube Mat Sabu added that after Tun M’s speech at the UN, leaders from the Arab nations came to congratulate him because it was a brave speech.
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“They like Dr. Mahathir being brave, but they aren’t. They can’t even criticize Israel. Dr. Mahathir whacks everyone, even Aung San Suu Kyi was not spared, so what? He has always been like that. “That’s why even when he felt like arresting anyone, he did it. Not like he feels bad.”
We pray for Tun M’s great health and long life, we understand he’s doing what he needs to bring Malaysia to a better ground, but we hope that he will take some time to rest and get a breather. Thank you Tun M for your sacrifice for us! Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts in the comment section! https://youtu.be/-Jbfo2LiHnY (Source: Kini TV / YouTube)

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1 Comment

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