Maybank Has A Beautiful and Kind Staff! Everyone Is Opening Up An Account There Now!

This makes me want to go Maybank EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Going to bank is the worst, not only you have spend hours for your turn, also their customer services are quite annoying. The staffs sometime treat you as if you owe them millions! LOL

This man here goes to Maybank in Nusa Bestari (Johor), wanting to activate his debit card. However the staff that attend to him was a Malay girl who is very impolite! Without saying a thing, she just ask him to go back his own brand and activate.


Frustrated by the service over there, he went back to Bukit Indah Aeon Maybank. Out of his expectation, the girl in the counter was able to solve his problem within 1 minute! That’s super efficient! She even guide him on how to change ATM card password!

After a month, he went back to the branch and met her again. He told her that he wants to open up a fix account and immediately she helped him to fill up the form! So efficient!


Her kindness was known by many other people! When this man posted the encounter on Facebook, many shared and commented on it. 3-664-61 5-59 6-51 7-42 8-34 9-30 10-25 11-21 12-20 13-19 14-14 15-10

Not only she’s kind, she’s also a beauty!!

She’s a famous person online, with more than 5k of followers! Kind hearted beauty she is!

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If you haven’t set up an account at Maybank, quickly go to this branch!!


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1 Comment

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