MCO 2.0: Restaurants, Food Delivery Can Open Until 10pm Toward Onwards

The government will now allow restaurants, food stalls and food deliveries in states under the movement control order (MCO) to operate until 10pm starting tomorrow, reversing a week-long rule of only allowing operations until 8pm.

Senior Defence Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob announced this revised government policy today, following strong public criticism over social media and even complaints which he received personally about the 8pm rule.

“Finally, the government — today I wish to announce — we agree to extend the operations of food shops and restaurants until 10pm starting from tomorrow,” he said today.

“However, dine-in in restaurants are still not allowed, it still remains as takeaways. Orders for food deliveries, we also open until 10pm. Anything related to food, we open until 10pm. Regardless of restaurants, stalls or roadside stalls or hawkers, anything related to food, we allow these to operate until 10pm,” he added.

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