Medical Staff Shares The Story of Irresponsible & Selfish SUSPECTED Covid 19 Tabligh Participant - “Our Death Is Decided by God” - The Coverage

Medical Staff Shares The Story of Irresponsible & Selfish SUSPECTED Covid 19 Tabligh Participant – “Our Death Is Decided by God”

Let me tell u a story about how irresponsible humans can be

They said when Tuhan decide ur time u will go… So when can Tuhan decide time for these irresponsible ppl so innocent ppl don’t die?

A young patient came in with his father

Claiming having difficulty in breathing

On 1 glance we know something is wrong, patient has very fast breathing, sweating and very pale

We asked did u join tabligh, any of ur family members joined tabligh, when did all this happened?

No exact clear answer until we had to force them, asking are u sure? U really did not go, ur friends went or not u eat with them or not?

The father then said I joined but I’m fine nothing wrong with me

We were in shock!!!

We wanted to ask further questions he raised his voice telling us he’s not sick, he did not hav symptoms, no fever

So u lie to come in la???!!??

HELLO? If u said u joined that tabligh gathering impossible u are allowed into a safe zone

I trust colleagues out there that do first screening.

Conversation became very difficult because patient is yelling and claiming he’s not wrong to go to tabligh and telling us he’s fine

We had to shout and made ourselves louder to ask questions n to get information ASAP


no no doctors im fine I x sakit, I apa pun x ade

I memang apa pun tak ade

Anak I x pergi
U SCREEN X? U ambik sample x?
I dah ambil doctor cakap x apa
X APA ITU APA, mana punya doctor

After yelling and shouting he said he got his screening 1 day ago, NO RESULTS YET

Meaning he is a SUSPECTED CASE, he may be positive
While waiting for results, home quarantine is needed till further notice
This guy obviously did not home quarantine himself
So this irresponsible guy just brought his son and he himself with possibly of positive to covid to a zone with patients and doctors without full PPE

U all have no idea how many times we asked only they admit and gave us important histories we need

If u have being honest we will bring u to a different place and screen u where everyone is protected, full suit and away from innocent citizens who are sick

So this father still refused to leave the zone as we ask him to leave
I told him u cannot do this, did u know many doctors are infected now
Other patients inside here are innocent
U should be quarantine u cannot come here

He said masa kita ditentu Tuhan, kematian adalah atas arahan Tuhan (He talked a lot about his theory but I only heard that) not interested to know as everyone is preparing to evacuate

Too angry to continue conversation we just shoo him away forcefully by aggressively yelling because he refused and about to be more aggressive towards us


We locked down our zone and shifted all other patients to other zones in less than 5 mins

Move the son into isolation room
Wash and disinfect the zone immediately

All of the doctors in that zone had to change and shower from head to toe with new set of clothes…

What if ur swab is positive how many of us u infected?

On the way here to hospital how many ppl u are in contact with

With this kind of attitude no wonder the numbers of infected ppl are raising each day in Malaysia

My dear friends please stay at home, u may not know how many idiot, irresponsible, selfish people are outside

Source : Yee Wen Yvonne

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