“I Met Pak Lah And Told Him I Was The Man In The Sex Tape” – Pak Lah Suggested Soi Lek To Convert To Islam & Marry The Woman As His Second Wife

“I met (then-prime minister) Abdullah Badawi at his office and told him I was the man in the sex tape, and that I was ready to confess. “He was very understanding and even jokingly suggested that I convert to Islam to marry the woman (as my second wife),” he said, adding that Abdullah had advised him to go on leave. Chua said he also relayed his intention to Ong, who commended him for being brave enough to confess. He subsequently called a press conference at his Labis service centre and admitted on New Year’s Day that he was the man in the tape. “However, I felt something was strange a few days later as the Chinese newspapers associated with him (Ong) were covering the issue extensively,” he added. He said an MCA leader then told him that Ong wanted to convene an emergency disciplinary committee meeting to suspend him on moral grounds. “He even argued with Ong because of this,” he said. Following the scandal, Chua resigned as health minister and Labis MP and became an ordinary member in MCA. He blamed himself for the sex tape, calling the consequences a political tsunami which ended his 22-year career in politics. – FMT

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