MMA Trainer Asks Woman to Wrestle Shirtless With Him to "Run Some Test", Boyfriend Exposed

Hmmm… Last Thursday (Feb 8), Mothership reported that a Singaporean woman was offered a mix martial art (MMA) training session by a male trainer named Chee Hong. The only wrong thing about it is that Chee Hong wanted her to train shirtless with him, wearing nothing but only a sports bra and pants, so that she wouldn’t “get stretched”, “strangle” or “burn”. How “thoughtful”. The conversation between the two first started in May 2017 over WhatsApp. Chee Hong advised the woman to come for a training session with him first before rushing into an MMA class. He said it would be best if she started out in wrestling first, adding that MMA like Muay Thai wasn’t suitable for her because she’s too small. He offered her to come for a training with him that Saturday and said that he would “run some test” on her. If that didn’t raise any red flag, the next one definitely will. Chee Hong proceeded to say that he would need her to be dressed in nothing but sports bra and pants. He implied that his ex-trainees had all trained shirtless with him, adding that in doing so she wouldn’t be hurt during the training. The man continued and was seen desperately pushing his luck. He reiterated that she would need to be shirtless and assured her that there wouldn’t be anyone seeing them in the training—it would only be the two of them in the space.

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The woman tried to change his idea and said that she didn’t have a sports bra. The man insisted and suggested that a cage bra or a bralette would do too. Basically, his attention was clear: to dress as little as possible regardless the bra is built for sports or not. Failing to get the woman to agree with him for a private training together in May last year, Chee Hong tried again earlier this month by asking the woman if she was still up for training. Really pushing his luck here. Triggered by this sickening request, the woman’s boyfriend lashed out on a Facebook post and exposed the Chee Hong’s harassment on his girlfriend. The boyfriend said Chee Hong had blocked him on Facebook and wished that the 19 mutual friends he had with Chee Hong would tag the man in the post so that his message could get across. The boyfriend sure is manning up for his lover.    Trying to redeem himself, Chee Hong came up with an excuse saying that he lost his phone in January and claimed that whatever he did that day wasn’t him. The boyfriend said Chee Hong allegedly called him and he was trying to fix the confusion which caused by the phone thief. The thief sure was one busybody. As a warning to other women, the boyfriend included a screencap of Chee Hong’s profile and hoped that other women wouldn’t fall prey to his shirtless MMA training. According to Chee Hong’s Facebook short bio, he had warned people publicly of his queerness too.
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“A crazy person with a crazy mindset.”
Weird people everywhere, especially on the internet. Be careful, peeps!  Cover photo for illustration only, source: wallhaven; photos source: mothership

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