Model And Actress Daphne Iking Revealed TN50's Bad Management After A Year – Official Residence of Najib

‘TN50 drama’ where an actor and comedian Sulaiman Yassin, better known as Mat Over slapped a film producer and CEO David Teo for asking a question? Oh boy, that was a scuffle between grown men.  In case you didn’t know the National Transformation 2050 or Transformasi Nasional 2050 (TN50) is a country development initiative that spans 2020 to 2050. This initiative was meant to be driven by clear goals and objectives for 30 years, which will be developed through negotiation in the processing phase from 2017 to 2019. Source: Jasa Little did we all know, the event did not go smoothly from the start, actress Daphne Iking revealed! Daphne posted a 13-minute and 30-second-long video on her YouTube channel sharing how disorganized the management was in all aspect. At that time, TN50 was being held at the official residence of former Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib Razak in Putrajaya. Source: Expo iProperty According to the 39-year-old model and actress, she was invited to the event, through her husband, Azmi Abdul Rahman, who is also her manager. Prior to the event, they have confirmed her and her husband’s attendance and have obtained their information. However, upon arriving at the venue, they were told that Azmi’s name was not on the list and that the place was full. Daphne said in the video,

“The lady who was responsible for inviting us said that ‘oh I’m so sorry because suddenly all these artists who had not RSVP yet are suddenly here, so there is some confusion in regards of the seats’.”
Daphne goes to mention that they were later given a media seat, she said,
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“It’s okay, we did not demand anything because I also do vlogging. I’m not allowed to sit with my husband, it’s also okay… I’m willing to sit or stand anywhere convenient as long as I can participate in the program.”
Despite all the confusion going around, Daphne manages to ‘register’ her and her husband’s names. They were then told to go upstairs and down and back up all because they did not have a seat number. Disappointed with all chaotic and disorganized management, Daphne admits that she was feeling hungry and tired and decided to leave the event.
“I was hungry and tired, I had made my production team speed things up a little bit for filming just so that I can make it on time. So, I was not in the best of mood, usually, I’m very very patient.”
“I’m not criticizing anyone, I just expressed my feelings, what happened. Hopefully, people will understand that events like this needs to be organized better. No, I did not demand for a VIP seat, I was quite fine being with my husband anywhere else, but even then, we didn’t have a spot.”
Her video on YouTube has garnered over 602,000 views and 254 comments since it was posted. Watch the video below! https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=377&v=DYG8GLHGSnI (Source: Free Malaysia Today)

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