Model Cheryl Geh warns "PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND, STAY AWAY!" from this Fake Photographer!

“Girls if this guy ever approach you, please do not respond and stay away!” said Cheryl Geh, a model and huge Malaysian public figure with a personality, in a recent Facebook posting after nearly getting herself into a frightening experience. 13445607_10206450006553730_8193169908250497080_n Just last week, Cheryl Geh shared multiple screenshot on her exchanging conversation, details and much more with what could be a imposter – or worse, a sexual predator. In her Facebook posting, she addressed her message to any models or talents whosoever reading to take not and be aware of this sorts of happening. “It’s better safe than sorry” said Cheryl. 1-3 Cheryl described that it all started when a random individual by the name of ‘Alex Lim’ – not even sure if that is his real name – contacted her through her Facebook fan page by sending a private message to her. He had masqueraded under the identity of a photographer for the company Femme Fantasy. He had even pretended to offer money whether it be cash for several request. You can see from the above screenshots that he’s extremely skilled in his knowledge unto getting Cheryl’s attention, probably also because he has done it multiple times unto other victims as well. 4-6 Even when Cheryl wasn’t please with the ‘price offered’ by Alex, he was pretty comfortable with any figure she asked her. Even if it means way more than the initial price offer. He’s also extremely cunning by being able to convince Cheryl – and me – that he’s legit by saying that there would be legal forms and agreements towards the photo shoot too.

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7-9 Once being able to deceivingly convincing to Cheryl, he moved on to the next phase of trying to meet up with her while being subtle about his true cunning identity. Whatever he had said in the screenshots above me probably meant nothingmentions like, wearing the products for her instagram postings, teasers and what not. 10-12 13-15 He even had prepared pictures of the company’s lingerie to further convince Cheryl she was getting herself into a photo shoot with the company’s photographer. Things even got a bit more odd when he requested for different positions as to how Cheryl would pose. 16-18 19-21 Some of these poses had even gotten Cheryl a little uncomfortable too. Some of which she described as ‘a slutty appearance’. He even tries to trick Cheryl into giving her a ‘brief background’ unto himself. 22-24 He even pretended to offer to pay for the high heels she didn’t have at all – What a generous con artist. When asked for his previous work, he even showed several pictures of girl he claimed to have photographed. To be honest, both the pictures look distinctively different. You sure you didn’t take these photographs from google images? 25-27 28-30 31-33 When they were both supposed to eventually meet up – spoiler alert: They didn’t thank goodness – alongside the company’s owner in Gurney Paragon TGIF, his contact had suddenly disappeared out of thin air. Cheryl mentioned in her Facebook posting that she had another photoshoot prior to the meet up but still got to the meet up venue on time. When she had waited there for who knows how long, she got tired and felt that something wasn’t right. She checked through their previous conversations and in the exchange, he had never once given her his number. In addition, her messages sent to him on we chat was unable to send through due to his account being deleted. 34-35 Cheryl added, “Thank God for contacts and managed to get in contact with the owner herself and explained everything to her and she told me she don’t know this guy and have no idea what is going on and also said last week a girl called her up regarding the same issue as well.” “WORST THING IS, he knows reasonable amount of info of the owner as well and the details he gave about her name and etc is true but the whole thing was a hoax.” Cheryl is currently warning her followers of such a person or other imposters trying to masquerade under a photographer’s identity.

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