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Mother made son sit in carpark for 20 minutes to “book”a spot!

Some parents are so negligent and irresponsible just like this recent news of a mother that allegedly made her toddler son sit on a parking spot in order to book the space for her car,China Press reported.

We understand that the traffic in the city and the limited parking is horrendous, however this is unacceptable. Some Malaysians would really do anything for a parking spot, huh?

Her son was made to sit and wait for her in the scorching sun for at least 20 minutes for her vehicle to be parked. Netizens have all made comments about how this woman should be charged for child negligence and inconsideration. And we totally think so too! 


The incident occurred in a business area at Jalan Kuchai Lama, Kuala Lumpur, where it is difficult to find a parking spot during peak hours. However, the date of the incident was not known.

Passers-by, went to check on the child thinking he was lost, and was shocked when he told them he was ordered to sit there to save the spot for his mother.

What do you guys think of this woman’s behaviour?

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