Muhyiddin Can’t Stomach “Real News” His Regime Declared Emergency Because It Lost Majority

Claiming fake news, Trump declared on Nov 2020 that “he won” the 2020 Presidential Election. Yet, two months later, he started packing and it was game over. Was it Trump, who spread fake news himself about winning the election, when the so-called fake news that he had lost turned out to be real news after all? If indeed he had won, why did he not sue the Electoral College or Joe Biden?

In a nutshell, any news that praised Donald Trump would be categorized as amazing news while those that criticized him would end up as fake news. The former U.S. president used to praise Fox News for “fair” coverage because the channel was able to satisfy his needs. But the traditional Trump-friendly cable network became his punching bag when Fox said Biden was the winner of Arizona.

In an authoritarian country like Myanmar, the solution was pretty easy. Three days after the junta chief – Army Chief General Min Aung Hlaing – seized power via a military coup, the access to Facebook was blocked. The regime claimed the social media, which attracted half of Myanmar’s population of 53 million, was blocked for the sake of “stability”.

The coup was launched after the landslide victory of National League for Democracy and Suu Kyi in national elections in November. It was planned because General Min Aung Hlaing would lose his political power and economic interests, not to mention his family corruptions, as he must transfer power to a new Commander-in-Chief by June 2021 – his retirement deadline.

The regime tried to hoodwink the people of Myanmar, and the international community for that matter, claiming Facebook had to be blocked because people were using the social media platform to spread fake news and misinformation and causing misunderstanding. Would the military shut down the alternate news media if the people had praised the coup instead?

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Likewise, when the Malaysian backdoor government quietly bulldozed a new ordinance under the Emergency Ordinance 2021 on Friday (12 March), it was to silence critics. It’s now a criminal offense to publish that the backdoor Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin sought an emergency declaration from the King because his unelected government had lost a parliamentary majority.

Like the Myanmar junta, the Muhyiddin regime cannot stomach the “fact” that they are an illegitimate government. While outgoing Army Chief General Min Aung Hlaing was trying to black-out the alternate news media, backdoor Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin tries to zip the mouth of people. Either way, both dictators wannabe do not want people to say they wear no clothes.

And like narcissist Donald Trump, who cannot take criticisms, Muhyiddin thought if he slaps the fake news label on any news, information, data and reports that suggest his Proclamation of Emergency had nothing to do with Covid-19 pandemic, but everything to do with him clinging to power, he could create the false perception that everything is rosy.

Under the controversial ordinance, those convicted of spreading “fake news” on the pandemic or the national emergency can face 3 years in prison and a maximum penalty of RM100,000. Obviously, such heavy penalties were designed to intimidate, bully, threaten, suppress, oppress and rape the freedom of speech, the people’s right and the democracy.

But how does the backdoor government determine if a piece of news is fake or otherwise? That’s incredibly easy. Taking a page from Trump’s rule of law, any news that praised Muhyiddin sky high would be categorized as amazing news while those that criticized him would end up as fake news. The best part is, the PM thought he currently lives in the era of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

Like the Gestapo, the Nazi Germany’s political police force, it appears that the dictatorship of Muhyiddin has already started using the Royal Malaysia Police to spread fear. On the same day de-facto Law Minister Takiyuddin Hassan announced the law, it was revealed that police have investigated 214 “fake news” cases. This is arguably worse than the Myanmar military junta.

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It’s actually “NOT” fake news that the Perikatan Nasional government shamelessly sought an emergency declaration because his unelected government had lost a simple majority support in the Parliament. To prove it is astonishingly simple. If the prime minister hasn’t lost his majority, why is he so fearful of testing his legitimacy through a vote of confidence in the Parliament?

Heck, Malaysia is the only country in the world that has declared an emergency as well as locking up the Parliament under the pretext of fighting Coronavirus. Now that 99% of business sectors – casinos, 4D and jackpot shops, cinemas, schools and even spas and reflexology as well as pedicure and manicure centres – are allowed to reopen, Parliament remains closed indefinitely.

With prima facie, just to make it more dramatic, established against the dictatorial leadership of Muhyiddin, the burden of proof has now shifted from the people to the illegitimate government. The people have successfully established the fact beyond reasonable doubt that the government is still locking the Parliament because it had lost a parliamentary support.

So can the government now prove the emergency rule, which is still in effect despite plunging Coronavirus new cases, was not meant to help it cling to power? There’s only one way to prove it – reopen the Parliament now. It was actually the Muhyiddin government who spread fake news that it did not seek an emergency declaration because it had lost a simple majority.

It’s quite amazing that despite his decades of experience in politics, the prime minister would make a silly mistake of using an excuse like fake news to make an enemy out of 33 million people. Every Tom, Dick and hamsters knew the current government is illegitimate. But for some reasons, Muhyiddin still wanted to insult the people’s intelligence by forcing them to believe he did not lose his support.

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In fact, Muhyiddin’s new partner, Gerakan president Dominic Lau, has just admitted that the current Perikatan Nasional government is a backdoor government, hence illegitimate. The silly Lau said – “It does not matter if the government came through the back door or the front door as long as it’s doing a good job.” Of course, bootlicker Dominic hopes to be appointed as a Senator.

Interestingly, the disgraced former PM Najib Razak too had pushed to outlaw fake news before the 2018 General Election in an attempt to silence critics over his 1MDB scandal. Instead, it backfired and people got more determined to vote him out. Like Muhyiddin’s legitimacy issue, the 1MDB scandal has refused to die down despite Najib’s consistent denials of any wrongdoing

Eventually, despite Najib’s fake news law to suppress and oppress freedom of speech, he was toppled and lost stunningly. There are two reasons why Muhyiddin repeats the same mistake as his former boss – his advisers were incredibly dumb or he was tremendously desperate. Either way, the fake news will backfire. It will do more harm than good to his already fragile government.

Phil Robertson, deputy Asia director for Human Rights Watch, said – “This is a straightforward gag rule that is designed to stop any discussion of the state of emergency proclamation and Covid-19-related actions by the government. Quite clearly, Prime Minister Muhyiddin is scared of allowing the Malaysian people to freely express their views because he knows how critical they are of him and his faltering government.”

Source : Finance Twitter

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