Muhyiddin Not Safe Yet Despite Budget Approval At Policy Stage – Anwar Still Planning To Form The New Government With Najib On 15 December 2020

Despite yesterday’s approval of the 2021 budget at the policy stage, political analysts say Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin is not in a safe position yet.

Azmi Hassan, a former lecturer with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, said although many saw the approval as a confidence vote for Muhyiddin, the budget can still be rejected in the upcoming debate at the committee stage, which will see the MPs going over the details of the proposals.

“Muhyiddin is not out of the woods yet, however, the decision reached yesterday demonstrated that the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government is willing to accommodate the dissenting voices in the coalition,” he told FMT.

Azmi said the approval at policy stage only showed support for Muhyiddin as far as the budget was concerned.

“I don’t postulate the support on the bill (Supply Bill 2021) equates to support of Muhyiddin as prime minister (as a whole),” he said.

He also said yesterday’s decision has positioned Barisan Nasional (BN) in a good spot, especially when discussing matters concerning seat allocations.

“The big winner in the vote is BN and not PPBM. BN will have the upper hand against PPBM (on seat allocations),” he said.

BN had laid down two main conditions for supporting the bill – raising the withdrawal limit in the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) Account 1 to RM10,000, which was granted, and for a blanket extension of the loan moratorium until next June.

Mohd Izani Zain of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) agreed with Azmi, saying that Muhyiddin would continue to come under political pressure.

Meanwhile, Universiti Malaya’s Awang Azman Pawi said the instability of the government would likely continue until the dissolution of Parliament and the election of a new government.

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“The PN government is still fragile and can collapse at any time depending on the support from BN, especially Umno,” he said.

Source : FMT

He (Anwar) can only say, “Don’t worry. I have the SDs. (Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin) is finished.” — Amanah Bukit Bintang Youth Chief Sheikh Khuzaifah Bawazeer

Furthermore, Sheikh Khuzaifah claims that after Anwar could not give a satisfactory explanation, he agreed that if the PN government could not be toppled within 7 days, he would resign as PH chairman and Opposition leader.

Finally, Sheikh Khuzaifah said that after they had agreed to wait 7 days, the discussion turned to how to explain this to party members and the narrative that was agreed upon was to only reject part of the budget, fight at the committee level, and not reject policies for the rakyat.

Source : Sheikh Khuzaifah Bawazeer

I told PH MPs to allow budget to pass, but only for now, says Anwar

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim today said he told Pakatan Harapan MPs to allow Budget 2021 to pass the first vote, but to mount a fight in the coming committee stage debate on Monday.

He said while the finance minister had conceded to “some” demands made by PH, the opposition coalition was leaning towards rejecting the budget.

Anwar said the opposition’s nod for the passage at the policy stage was to allow salaries for the civil service, allowances and other payments to be made.

“While some decisions made by the finance minister appear to answer some of our demands, we can’t reject it strongly, so I told our friends to agree with the first round.

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“This is the first round, the detailed committee stage debate is on Monday,” he told a press conference at Parliament today.

He added that they would likely ask for bloc voting then.

He said Dec 15 was the “ultimate date” when the fate of the budget would be decided.

Source : FMT

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