Muhyiddin Yassin Game of Throne : Najib, Zahid & Tengku Adnan vs Hisham , Ismail Sabri & Annuar Musa


That is why PM Muhyiddin bypassed the senior UMNO warlords like Najib, Zahid and Ku Nan by appointing Ismail Sabri, Hishamuddin Hussein and Annuar Musa to the Cabinet. By doing so, TSMY has shifted the centre of power away from Najib Zahid Ku Nan. So today, the Najib Zahid Ku Nan clan are retaliating. Annuar Musa is removed as Sec Gen so that he has lesser influence within UMNO. The Sec Gen position is appointed by the President Zahid. As for Hisham and Ismail Sabri, the Najib Zahid KuNan clan will find other ways because these two VPs are elected and cannot be simply removed.

How many UMNO leaders have voiced discontent with the PN Cabinet? Many. PH supporters see it as a split that will collapse PN, but that’s not the case. PN will not collapse because they have the majority Malays’ support. So the battle is not “when will PN implode”. The battle is “who will emerge as the ultimate Malay leader”.

PM TSMY wants to be the ultimate Malay leader, just like Najib, Zahid, Hisham, Ismail Sabri, and so forth. That’s why PM TSMY carefully picked the UMNO Ministers who are not at the top of the UMNO food chain, so as to let UMNO fight among themselves.

This results in the first tier leaders of UMNO like Najib and Zahid having the fight with the second tier leaders like Ismail Sabri, Hishamuddin and Annuar Musa for influence and control.

The top UMNO leaders have executive power within the party, but the second tier UMNO leaders have Federal Cabinet power. Now the third fourth fifth and grassroot level leaders and all those below will have to contemplate, which side do they want to be on.

Do they want to stick with the top tier leaders who have party power but are tainted with scandals and court cases?
Or do they want to shift their support to the second tier leaders who have Federal power but not that much party power?

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Just look at the names of those who criticised the Cabinet. Don’t lump them as one. Know them by name and consider in what predicaments are they in, and in which faction are they in. Who exactly voiced discontent?
-Bung Mokhtar (charged with FELCRA scandal)
-Shahrir Samad (charged with FELDA scandal)
-Tajuddin Rahman (old timer veteran and warlord)
-Azalina Othman (old timer veteran and warlord)

Najib Razak (charged with multiple corruption scandals) has openly told Reuters he would like to mend relationship with PM TSMY.
Zahid Hamidi (charged with multiple corruption scandals) has obediently declared support for PM TSMY after he was hung to dry following PM TSMY’s refusal to give him a letter to explain his absence in court.

Why did Najib and Zahid make such statements? Simple. Because they were given nothing. There was no deal for them and they have to play nice in hopes of getting off the hook. In the meantime, the second tier leaders like Ismail Sabri, Hishamuddin and Annuar will try to eat them up with the Federal power they now have. Who doesn’t want to rise to the top of the Umno hierarchy?

And which UMNO second tier leader evidently went against the wishes of the first tier leaders?
-Annuar Musa (he openly said PM TSMY should be given a free hand, and then said Parliament shouldn’t be dissolved)

Did you not realise Zahid the UMNO President removed him as Umno secretary general today? He was replaced by Ahmad Maslan, another veteran and warlord in Najib’s previous Cabinet.

What is happening now is that Najib and Zahid are holding onto UMNO as their shield, while those not involved wants to breakaway from the grips of Najib and Zahid. In fact Najib and Zahid will be prepared to throw each other down the bus once either one can save themself.

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That’s how it works. Dog eat dog. The PH supporters know UMNO gila kuasa, but how come they omitted the fact that UMNO too, will kill each other for power?

So that is why PM TSMY has fattened the second tier UMNO leaders like Hisham, Ismail Sabri and Annuar Musa to take on the first tier UMNO leaders like Najib and Zahid. He purposely let UMNO fight themselves so that he does not have to fight the powerful first tier UMNO leaders. Afterall, PPBM and UMNO’s are grappling for the same support base, ie the Malays.

Now tell me again, why in the world did PH supporters believe PM TSMY will let Najib and Zahid off the hook when it only brings detriment to him and PPBM’s future? The answer is because you have read too much proPH propaganda that ends up in a PH echo chamber. So you end up with an obscured vision that blinded you from seeing how the Malays think, how UMNO works, how the corridors of power function and so forth.

Start understanding Malay politics.
Start understanding Malay psychology.
Then PH will have a better chance in GE15.

Source : Najib Razak Must Go


The answer is no. Here’s why.

Why would PM TSMY let Najib Zajib Ku Nan walk free and allow them to be his rivals in contention for the support of the Malay elites? No reason. He might as well take them out of the game by putting them in jail and enjoy the support of the Malay elites.

Why would PM TSMY let Najib Zahid Ku Nan walk free to further taint his Cabinet? No reason. He might as well send them to jail and claim credit for what PH failed to do- jail the kleptocrats.

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PM TSMY bypassed Najib and Zahid when he appointed Hishamuddin, Ismail Sabri and Annuar Musa. This results in the centre of power within UMNO shifting away from Najib the former UMNO President and Zahid the current UMNO President. The UMNO warlords will move to where the centre of power is. You keep complaining about Umno being pemakan dedaks and gila kuasa, yet you did not factor this in when you read the political movements?

As a result of Hisham, Ismail Sabri and Annuar Musa being elected Cabinet Ministers, the Umno warlords will start contemplating whether to continue supporting Najib Zahid or the newly appointed Umno Federal Ministers. PM TSMY has brilliantly created a stronger Hishamuddin, Ismail Sabri and Annuar Musa within UMNO who will then fight with Najib and Zahid.

That is why Najib’s lawyers self quarantined today, to buy time. Because there is no deal with PM TSMY.

That is why Annuar Musa was removed as UMNO Sec Gen today, an appointed position by Zahid and replaced by Ahmad Maslan. This is the UMNO internal retaliation that the Pakatan lot is not used to. Umno plays their politics internally and quietly. Pakatan meanwhile, play their politics in the open and announce to the whole world who is fighting who.

As for Ismail Sabri the UMNO VP, Najib and Zahid will figure how to contain him, also internally and quietly. But he cannot be simply removed because he was elected, unlike Annuar Musa who was appointed.

So for the Pakatan hardcore supporters, especially the Chinese and Indians who keep yapping and shouting and screaming about Najib and Zahid going to be free, you have been barking up the wrong tree when the relevant ones are fighting a different battle. It’s like people are competing in a swimming contest, yet you are bickering over who is better in taking free kicks or penalties.

Source : Najib Razak Must Go

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