Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing Closes Twitter Account After Marina Mahathir Rebuke - Marina Said Lim Kok Wing Was “One of The Worst” - The Coverage

Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing Closes Twitter Account After Marina Mahathir Rebuke – Marina Said Lim Kok Wing Was “One of The Worst”

Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing no longer has an account on Twitter.

His official account under the handle @limkokwing can no longer be viewed and is inaccessible just hours after the founder and president of the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology was roasted by Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir for attempting to inveigle his way into her father Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s good books once more.

“He deleted his account,” Marina tweeted to Astro Awani talk show host Sharaad Kuttan in response to the latter’s post exclaiming that he was “blocked from viewing or following” Lim.

Marina posted a scathing tweet on Lim earlier today, accusing the businessman of sneaking into her family home during the recent Raya seeking her father’s apology after turning against the latter three years ago.

Dr Mahathir appears to have have the entire affair in his stride and chose to put Lim’s perceived betrayal of their friendship behind him.

“I am a most forgiving person. You too I forgive,” he was quoted by Malay daily Sinar Harian as telling reporters at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre, where his party PPBM is holding its second annual general assembly.

Lim and Dr Mahathir had been friends until the former was appointed public relation campaign coordinator to Datuk Seri Najib Razak in May 2015 to burnish the then prime minister’s image that was starting to show spots under the harsh spotlight of the 1Malaysia Development Berhad scandal.

Marina Mahathir Roasts Lim Kok Wing : “If PH Hadn’t Won, Would You Have Snuck Into Our House Uninvited At Raya” – “Who Told Mahathir To “Shut Up To Protect His Legacy”

Vocal activist Marina Mahathir today rebuked Lim Kok Wing over his tweet supporting Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, after previously telling the senior politician to “shut up to protect his legacy”.

The renowned educationist had today tweeted that Mahathir was “absolutely right in saying that we just need to set our hearts and minds on achieving greater goals to be a great nation”, tagging Mahathir, Education Minister Maszlee Malik and Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman in the tweet.

In a reply two hours later, Marina, who is Mahathir’s daughter, called on Lim to stop what he was doing in buttering up the prime minister.

“Do stop it @limkokwing! Where were you last year? Who was it who told Dad to shut up to ‘preserve his legacy’?

“If PH hadn’t won, would you have snuck into our house uninvited at Raya to apologise? Just stop it,” she tweeted using her handle @netraKL.

Marina replied the tweet by saying that Lim was “one of the worst”, and that she “couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw him skulking about our kitchen… #cantstandbullshit”.

“The point is, would he have (apologised) if we hadn’t won GE14? Hmmmm?” she asked in her tweet.

Lim had, in May 2015, been appointed as Najib’s public relations campaign coordinator.

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