Najib Is Crying, Whining And Bitching – Najib Should Stop Smoking The Grass That Rosmah Gives Him Every Night

Even if the court allows his sentences to run concurrently, which is quite normal, he would most likely spend above 10 years in jail after rounds of appeal. Of course, he can pretend to go crazy or beg his buddy Agong (King) to pardon him. Unlike PM-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim, you can bet your last penny that Mr. Najib – born with a silver spoon – will do anything to stay away from the filthy prison. For now, his so-called “top shot” lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah has advised him to create havoc before the actual trial could begin. The strategy is to drag the trial for as long as possible, preferably until the fearsome Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad is out of the corridors of power. And Najib has started his drama – claiming nobody is qualified to take on 1MDB case. Acting as if he was still the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib is crying, whining and bitching until foaming at the mouth that several top government officials are “not qualified” to pursue the 1MDB investigation – including the Attorney General (AG), the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Chief and the Federal Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID) Director.

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Hence, the former Thief-in-Chief is seeking an order and declaration that the involvement of Attorney General Tommy Thomas, MACC chief commissioner Mohd Syukri Abdull and Federal CCID Director Commissioner Amar Singh Ishar Singh in the 1MDB case is invalid. And Najib has some astonishing stories to justify his demands to replace all those people. Making a fool of the judiciary system, Najib argued that because the Attorney General had written an article entitled – “Grand Larceny 1MDB” – which concluded that the money deposited into Najib’s personal bank account was actually 1MDB’s money, it shows Tommy Thomas did not like him. Therefore, Mr. Thomas would find a way to press a charge against him for any reason. What grass has Najib been smoking lately? As the lead prosecutor in the 1MDB case, it’s only normal that Tommy Thomas does not like the defender. It would be a huge problem if the Attorney General likes the crook. It’s only fair and professional that Mr. Thomas would find a way to prove that the son of Razak is guilty of stealing and siphoning 1MDB fund. Did Najib expect the new Attorney General to be as friendly as the disgraced Apandi Ali, who was fired due to his refusal to resign over his cover-up for the ex-PM’s thievery? It’s the job of Attorney General Tommy Thomas to find fault with Najib Razak, the same way it’s the job of defence lawyer Shafee to defend Najib because he was reportedly paid RM2.4 million to do so. Najib also claimed that the newly appointed MACC chief commissioner Mohd Syukri was “emotional” and “vengeful” towards him because Mr. Syukri has established that he (Najib) had received RM42 million as well as RM2.6 billion. Well, that’s why “top shot” lawyer Shafee charges RM2.4 million for his service – to debunk Syukri’s investigation results. The most comical part was when Najib claimed that the raid conducted by CCID Director Commissioner Amar Singh at various premises, including at Pavilion Residences, did not follow Standard Operating Procedure. Was the former UMNO president furious after some of his children’s favourite chocolate went missing, allegedly gobbled by certain hungry police officers?
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In reality, the former UMNO president is still fabulously mad at the police for its sudden efficiency – confiscation of RM116 million cash and more than 12,000 pieces of jewellery – comprising 2,200 rings, 1,400 necklaces, 2,100 bracelets, 2,800 pairs of earrings, 1,600 brooches and 14 tiaras – from the six residences related to Mr. Najib and his family members. According to the authorities, the value of those jewellery items was estimated to be about RM440 million – excluding workmanship costs. The police had also seized a total of 567 handbags in 37 different brands, with the Hermes bags alone worth RM51.3 million. The retail cost of all the items seized from six properties linked to Najib totalled RM900 million to RM1.1 billion. Obviously, the ex-PM isn’t happy because he cannot cherry pick friendly Attorney General, MACC Chief and police director like he used to when he was in power. Thus, he plays victim and cries of being mistreated. Najib was basically clueless that at the end of the day, the prosecutors must have overwhelming and “watertight” evidence before they can convince the judge. Strangely, Najib didn’t complain about High Court Judge Mohd Sofian Abdul Razak. Ahh, that’s because the judge is the younger brother of Benta UMNO state assemblyman Mohd Soffi, therefore, Najib can depends on the friendly judge to be on his side. In a nutshell, he wants a kangaroo court room filled with people who like him, including the prosecutors. With High Court Judge Mohd Sofian potentially will bias towards him, why should Najib even worry about Attorney General Tommy Thomas, MACC chief commissioner Mohd Syukri and CCID Director Commissioner Amar Singh? He can bribe the judge to throw away all the charges, can he not? Najib should stop smoking the grass that Rosmah gives him every night. Source : Finance Twitter

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  1. Sam Tan

    July 10, 2018 at 20:32

    Najib is starting to go mad???

  2. Banson

    July 12, 2018 at 00:23

    The very fact that a ‘friendly’ judge so related to Najib is assigned to hear the case says it all – same old same old.
    Like the Chinese saying – same ingredients in the soup, only different water added.

  3. CK Leong

    August 11, 2018 at 17:50

    The title of this article should read “He should stop taking the milk she is feeding him every night”!

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