Najib Exposes Mahathir’s Crony-Dealings : Mirzan , Mohzani & Vincent Tan

Oh? Your children never did any business in Malaysia while you were PM? And only after you stepped down that they started doing business?

Then was Mirzan your son when he built up Konsortium Perkapalan in the 1990s which eventually needed a bail-out from Petronas via MISC in the economic crisis of 1998?

MISC to Pay $220 Million Price For Assets From Mahathir’s Son

Wasn’t MISC and Petronas reporting to you as PM at that time?

Was Mirzan your son in the year 1996 and who was the PM then when Vincent Tan’s brother Danny Tan sold Diperdana Corp to Mirzan just two years after Danny bought the company?

Diperdana Stake Is Sold in Deal Said to Be Tied to Mahathir’s Son

Was Mohzani your son in 1997 and where you the PM in 1997 when he became the largest shareholder of the Hospital Pantai group after buying it from the Vincent Tan controlled Berjaya group?

Subsequently, the FOMEMA concessions and the governmetn hospitals supplies contract was awarded to that group while you were still PM.

Were you also PM when Mokhzani’s Kencana group founded a year before was awarded a major fabrication (Offshore Structures) license by PETRONAS in the year 2002. Kencana Petroleum is one of only seven licensees in Malaysia awarded at that

Were you PM of Malaysia in 2002 and were you the advisor of Petronas even after you step down as PM in 2003 until 12 years later in the period where your son made billions from doing business with Petronas?

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Were you also PM in the year 2003 where your son Mukhirz owned Opcom and the company was awarded a direct award without tender contract worth RM214 million by Telekom Malaysia on the direct instruction of the Ministry of Finance? (see attached letter).

This contract was instrumental to Opcom’s successful listing later that year where another bundle was made.

Who was Minister of Finance and Prime Minister in 2003?

As for your second sting as PM, was it true that the RM21.6 bilion National Fiberisation and Connectivity Plan (NFCP) was the only mega-project rushed through and announced by the PH government and approved by cabinet in record time?…/cabinet-approves-rm216b-na…

And was it true that Opcom shares jumped 50% upon the project being announced as it would be one of the main beneficiary of that project?

“Opcom rose 18.5 sen or 41.11% to 63.5 sen. Opcom’s share price rise could be due to news that the Malaysian Cabinet had today approved the implementation of the National Fiberisation and Connectivity Plan (NFCP)…/fbm-klci-cuts-losses-after…

Who were the major shareholders and chairperson of Opcom then? Oh.. that’s right. Two out of your three sons.

And can you deny that mere months before you retired as PM the first time in 2003, you gave a 20 year exclusive concession for sports and football betting to a Vincent Tan owned private company without tender and without cabinet approval?

This concession could potentially be worth tens of billions of Ringgit but the awarded company only had to pay a fee of only RM20 million.

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“2004: A previously undisclosed license for a potentially lucrative Malaysian gambling concession granted to gaming tycoon Vincent Tan Chee Yioun by former Premier Mahathir Mohamad is stirring controversy within the country’s government.”

Gaming License Sparks Contention in Malaysia

So, don’t talk about stealing or returning chickens. Under you, the entire hen-house was handed to the cronys to be slaughtered.

Source : Rededit

Source : Najib Facebook

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